Friday Flicks: Paperman

Paperman is many things—beautiful, experimental, sentimental—but it's also an ideal example of how a simple device can connect your characters, scenes, and themes.

Poetry tag!

Tag, you're it! Write a poem, send it to a friend.

Storybird Scribes: March Roundup

Congratulations to our featured writers for March's Storybird Scribes writing challenge! Read all the stories selected by guest judge Kelley McMorris.

Friday Flicks: Bridge

Bridge is an adorable short featuring four woodland creatures. It's also an allegory. But an allegory about what?

Friday Flicks: Feast

Playing with your story's point of view is a powerful way to create a fresh perspective and drill home your main theme.

The Gap

In your mind, you're a great writer. On the page, not so much. The reason? It's The Gap. And it's not a shop for skinny jeans or overpriced tees.

Friday Flicks: Ormie

We love art. We love story. Add some motion and you’ve got Friday Flicks, our spotlight on great animated shorts.