This might be the season to be jolly, but it’s also the season of “For your consideration” Oscar advertising.

Studios spend big bucks promoting their films to be nominated for best picture, actor, editing, costume design, etc. And, thankfully for all you budding writers, they also promote screenplays and make available their scripts for reading/reviewing.

Among this year’s crop is Zootopia, the Disney Studios smash that is a must-read for anyone seriously considering a future in feature writing. It’s smart, tight, and ridiculously entertaining.

You can download the PDF here for a limited time.

Keep in mind that it’s for educational purposes only. No selling it on eBay or to your friends.

Scriptwriting is an art unto itself and differs dramatically from novels and short stories. The structure is different, as are the goals. Scripts aren’t the final story. They’re a blueprint designed to help artists and actors visualize the writer’s ideas. The best way to understand them is to read the script, watch the movie, and then repeat the process. Read/watch/repeat.

If you’ve ever thought of writing for film and television, be sure to check out John August’s blog. He’s amazing. You also might like the YouTube channels Every Frame a Painting, Nerdwriter, Lessons from the Screenplay, and DP:30. If you’re into podcasts, try The Writer’s Room (here’s the interview with the showrunners from Pretty Little Liars).

Happy reading. Happy watching. Happy holidays.

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