skating bunny

 - adorable, blue, brown, bunny, calm, cartoon, cartoony

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  • ceelliott In the winter, the pond would freeze very hard. Then we could go ice skating. It never hurt when you fell, because you were wearing so many clothes, that your body was padded from hitting the hard ice.

    Our noses turned red and our eyes would water. The cows in the pasture would stare at us wondering what we were doing.

    When the cold finally soaked through all the warm layers, we would shuffle into the kitchen. My mom would make warm cocoa for us. Sometimes she even had marshmallows to put in the warm treat.

    They my friends and I would go into the living room and watch a favorite show on TV. Back then, there was only channel to choose from, so we know the schedule of all of the shows. We could imagine ourselves being rescued by Super Man or scuba dive in the ocean or help the sheriff catch the "bad guys" in the wild west.

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