And That's When the Presents Exploded - A True Christmas Tale

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  • celtic32 Every time I read this, it becomes wayyy awesome-r. This has become, like, a Storybird holiday tradition. :)

    Merry Christmas, @sundaybest!


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  • mark Staff Hearted.

  • mark Staff Another winner. Laughed the whole way through.

  • stad11 Absolutely hilarious. I always thought Santa was an elephant and my therapist was wrong.

  • taralazar Hyper-bots, pigs and ninjas. What more does one story need? (Christopher Walken, perhaps?)

  • Fern Hearted.

  • kiyoung Hearted.

  • kiyoung This could possibly be my "annual Christmas story" of the year.
    Thank you!!

  • kaye Staff Hearted.

  • Lizard1212 LoL. That is sooooooooooooooo funny. Do you kow Mr. Santa C. Laus? ;)

  • Lizard1212 Hearted.

  • thomas LoL.SooooooooooooSilly.loveit.(Brianne)

  • Ginger Hearted.

  • Nimby Oh look... someone with a more twisted mind than mine (say that over and over until the room spins...) Nice story..."wicked twist".

  • rosiemcgrath i really like this story.

  • owl_stitch13 this is by far one of my favorites!!! GREAT JOB!!

  • bgh112 Hearted.

  • Silsopang Hearted.

  • Shift that was amazing i am going to show it to my class and they are going to die because we are kearning about fairy tales and tall tales

  • nac Hearted.

  • nac I love it!(You can guess because I read it 10 times!)

  • Rainbow741 Hearted.

  • Rainbow741 Ha! Funny. I think the one thing I learned today is what I read today. It's nice haw you made the pictures match really well with the words. Awesome job!

  • luminiere Member Hearted.

  • luminiere Member Pigs and elephants are awesome! Go Alice! I believe you! :)

  • aleej Hearted.

  • aleej cute story. why an elephant?

  • GilbertC7 Nice. The pigs were hillarious!!

  • jazzl Hearted.

  • snr10 Hearted.

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