Ava's Adventure: A Tag Game Part 2

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  • star89096 Hearted.

  • hoco you made this like yesterday

  • hoco my dad's birthday is da 18 th

  • Cece11 Thanks Figment!!!!!!!!


  • amynf Here you go! Part 2, Figgy! =)
    (Thanks for tagging me, it's the first time I ever have been tagged!)

  • reynabugabugabug loodlove

  • figment68 CP @ star89096 Thank you for the heart!

    @ goldielocks24 Thanks for the link!

    @ hoco I hope your Dad has a Happy Birthday!

    @ Cece11 Your welcome. :)

    @ amynf I can't wait to read it! I am happy you could write the next part.

  • figment68 CP @ reynabugabugabug Thank you!

  • hi_its_me Fantastic job! I really admire your writing! It'd be an honor of you could read some of my new stories :)


    -Hi its me

  • figment68 CP @ black59 Thank you for the heart!

  • goldielocks24 Hey figment, It's that time again! Time to tell me your favorite story of mine! Ok lets see........... My favorite story of yours would have to be "Switch" I mean it's ingenious! So comment on my latest story I can wait to hear from you :)

  • figment68 CP @ hi_its_me Thank you so much!

  • AwesomePink15 cool
    ^^LOGAN GURL 1

  • star89096 Your welcome for the heart

  • figment68 CP @ goldielocks24 I will think about it for just a bit and let you know. :)

    @ AwesomePink15 Thank you! :)

    @ star89096 :)

  • Luckyboy22 Awesome!! I LOVE it figgy!!
    BTW-Here is the first book to my new series Lilly and beth!


  • makhan OMG!!!!!!!!!! That is soooooooooooooooo funny my little sister's name is Ava and she loves this story (she's only 4) .... She wanted me to tell you thanks for writing a story about me!!!!! BTW.. I love all of your stories!!!!! Thanks for being an awesme writer

  • makhan Hearted.

  • makhan It is in my reading list now!!!!! Hehe ;p

  • Luckyboy22 Hearted.

  • figment68 CP @ Luckyboy22 Thank you!

    @ makhan Thank you so much! Ava is such a pretty name. I'm happy she liked it. :)

  • CharlotteMeade I like it

  • AwesomePink15 ur welcome

  • KCS12 This is great. I Love it! :)

  • hi_its_me Hearted.

  • figment68 CP @ CharlotteMeade Thank you! :

    @ star89096 I look forward to reading your new stories.

    @ AwesomePink15 :)

    @ hi_its_me Thank you for the heart!

  • figment68 CP @ KCS12 Thank you so much!

  • crazybanana Hearted.

  • Ava311 My name is ava.

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