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  • Libwithattitude Hearted.

  • shoniker Hearted.

  • cri Hearted.

  • pamthompson Hearted.

  • bberkley I love this! May I use your idea but translate it into Spanish and use different art for my little bilingual kindergartners?

  • janeh271 Hi bberkley, that's a lovely idea, of course you can. I would love to see a copy when you have completed it, Jane

  • bberkley Jane! Thanks so much... I'll definitely make it available now that you have given your go-ahead! I'm hoping to work on many methods for remembering with my little forgetful Kindergartners... Barbara

  • paarti Hearted.

  • Tanya2A Hearted.

  • 2MGems Hearted.

  • rgl2011 Hearted.

  • keahd Hearted.

  • jannetcalica Hearted.

  • jannetcalica HOW CAN I DOWNLOAD THIS?

  • janeh271 I think only I can download it as author. However, I am happy for you to download it but you will have to contact story bird and tell them this. Hope that helps Jane

  • hwermuth Hearted.

  • jbeaumont Hearted.

  • asanderson25 Hearted.

  • Hfarr Hearted.

  • thebigm Hearted.

  • yluceroflores Hearted.

  • jazg Hearted.

  • Einthiri Hearted.

  • Einthiri I LOVE YOUR STORY

  • ana_gil Hearted.

  • pilimai Hearted.

  • jcoffey7 Hearted.

  • mrswetz Hearted.

  • melashe Hearted.

  • DanielaArghir Hearted.

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