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  • Terlamaine Shamrocked!

  • Vidza Shamrocked!

  • Vidza So cool and cool and cool and cooler by the second!
    Great rhymes.

  • mojoco11 Cute as a bug.

  • DarkOceans Loved this sooooo much! You're great at writing!!! I <3 your stories :P

  • elspeth @mark thank you again. The art inspired me on this one and I collected together some of the images yesterday. Then I spent about an hour putting in bits of text that jumped into my head. Then I left the story to 'stew' in my head for a few hours.
    When I come back to it, I find it usually comes together and the page order gels to make the story flow. So all told I would say I spent two and a half hours on this one......but they're all different.

  • DarkOceans Cute as a bug.

  • giantsgirl11 Hearted.

  • GogoWriter Hearted.

  • GogoWriter AWESOME

  • mark Staff Shamrocked!

  • mark Staff So very enjoyable. Another great one Elspeth.

    Curious: on average, how long does it take to craft one of your stories?

  • writer_smurf Hearted.

  • kay3y2 Hearted.

  • smiley316 This is dazzling.

  • smiley316 This is wonderful! :D))

  • _Infinity_ u betys

  • Magarooney Hearted.

  • mstina Struck me like lightning.

  • mstina So darn cute!

  • NicodiAngelo @mstina I agree; but it should have more credit than just 'cute' like 'adorable, endearing, lovable, sweet, spectacular, amazing, perfect, engaging, delightful,' and more.

  • Emmacobb23 @mstina hi I would like to read your storys

  • noah712 Hearted.

  • figment68 CP Da bomb.

  • figment68 CP Wonderful story Elspeth! I like Emmaline. :)

  • MsOowise lovly name

  • cgemes9 Hearted.

  • evanmichael1220 Hearted.

  • 113a i love your story very much mam can you wright another plzz

  • jessierules Hearted.

  • Pasqueflower Such a splenid story, it truly fits perfectly with the pictures, they come alive even more with your wonderful words-truly superb! :) <3

  • Pasqueflower Hearted.

  • snakacon Hearted.

  • snakacon cool.

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