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  • smartcookie2 Hearted.

  • smartcookie2 great story, Nele! Not to bother you or anything but, could you possibly read my two entries?
    [Book link will appear after moderation]
    [Book link will appear after moderation]

  • Nele smartcookie2-thanks, smartcookie! Bother? Not at all! Looking forward to reading them!

  • figment68 CP Hearted.

  • figment68 CP Wonderful story. I know the moon is made of cheese, but I will have to look up Jupiter to see if it might be made of carrots. :)

  • Cassb Hearted.

  • Cassb Great story Nele!! It literally gave me goosebumps ?

  • Nele figment68-Thanks, figgy. I don't know if it's made of carrots. That planet in bluedogrose's artwork was orange, so it connected with how rabbits eat carrots and how Jupiter was abit orange. It'll be cool if it's really made of carrots...
    Cassb-Thanks, Cassb! :)

  • czikimonkey WOW.
    That was incredible. I was reading it as the television was going on and my two children were racing around, and I was literally spellbound. I'm in awe that you are just a teenager, because if you want to use writing in your career, you will definitely be able to. You're an amazingly talented young writer. This was an absolute joy to read, but also very heartbreaking--I knew as soon as Dreamer was picked up by the owl that she was probably gone.
    :( Wonderful, wonderful,wonderful job.

  • czikimonkey Hearted.

  • Nele czikimonkey-Thank you soooo much, czikimonkey! Yes, I love writing, and I was inspired by the art of bluedogrose's little rabbit in space, and the weather outside. It's winter, and the room I wrote it in wasn't very warm. And, yes, It IS sad. But I wanted it so in the end, Dreamer lived her dream, at last. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your comment really means a lot, czikimonkey. :)

  • mark Staff I'll echo czikimonkey's comment and simply add "epic."

    BTW, props to @cassb who flagged this as Notable during one of her Storyspotting sessions. You'll notice her link beside the illustrator.

  • czikimonkey @Nele, you are so welcome. I am SO pleased to see this in New and Noted!!! It deserves to be here and read by everyone. Congratulations.

  • celtic32 Hearted.

  • KCS12 Wow. I am amazed at how much talent you have! I would love to be able to write like THAT!
    You can go really, really, really, really (and I am going to stop before I hurt myself)
    Really Far! Good luck in the challenge! You are a wonderful author, ;)

  • KCS12 Hearted.

  • Nele mark-Thanks alot, mark!
    cassb-And thank you again, cassb-this time for flagging me :)
    czikimonkey-Thank you, for the fourth (or even fifth?) time!

  • Puggie2 Hearted.

  • Cyrena1 This is a good story. I like your begginging

  • luminiere Member Hearted.

  • luminiere Member I just saw your name, and I had to read. I've got to read everything by you, it's a must. But it was very incredible and dreamlike. Odd how her parents named her Dreamer if they didn't want her to dream... really sad, but I did like the ending. She finally got her dream, at least. And now she'll be free forever. Wonderful job, Nele.

  • 5HZMaple WOW! that's pretty good!

  • Allalea Congrats on being on new and noted! You definitely deserve it. I loved how you began and ended it. It was simply beautiful how you led your leaders in and out of the story. Fantastic job!

  • Nele KSC12-thank you, KSC12!
    Puggie2-Thanks for the heart!
    Cyrena1-Thanks Cyrena1 :)
    luminiere- thank you so much, as usual, lumey! I was going to make it that she was named Dreamer because she was dreaming so much, but I forgot to put it in. And yes, she is finally free...
    5HZMaple-thank you!
    Allalea- thanks, Allalea! I'm was surprised to be in the New and Noted, actually. :)
    Missy14-thanks, missy!
    swiftiegal-tagged? Great! Can't wait to get started!

  • deepfried_freak CP Hearted.

  • deepfried_freak CP Wow! That was really good! Of course, Nele, your stories are always good. (: I love it so much!!! (:

    PS- What is a storyspotter?

  • avagardner123 Hearted.

  • Zamrox Hearted.

  • Nele deepfried_freak- thanks you, deepfried_freak! You're stories are excellent, too! :) I think a storyspotter spots stories? Not sure...

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