Jason's Journey

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  • bunny123 That a really nice story!

  • bunny123 Hearted.

  • 1566 awwww!!! so sweet!!!!! jason sounds awesome!!!! so does his mom!! :)

  • 1566 Hearted.

  • kid7 Hearted.

  • got2Bperfect OMG!!!!
    Love it. It is so sweet.

  • teachingwithsoul Wow! SB Friends...how kind of you to share your heartfelt comments. I wrote this as a way to help me get through the move my son made from CA to FL. I didn't want to publish, but finally did. Grateful for your kind comments. :)

  • bellottm this is a awesome story

  • BradyB20 Hearted.

  • wixsonjo Hearted.

  • MClaireT Cute as a bug.

  • funshine345 Hearted.

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