Just one of those Days....

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  • luminiere Member Hearted.

  • luminiere Member I love those books, where you have to search hard for the moral. It really makes you think, and at then end, you understand the story and see they true beauty in it. Your story was beautiful. And I really loved the moral. Oh, and by the way, I finished Antoinette of Pleut Avenue Chapter 2. It ought to become public in a few days, but just in case, I wanted to give you a story response. And a link, because I've had experiences with story responses and they take forever to show up.:)


  • bluebird26 luminiere: Thanks! And, thanks again, for finishing my tag game! I'll be sure to check it out soon!

  • figment68 CP Hearted.

  • figment68 CP Really nice story! I like those mornings. :)

    I noticed you asked about judging. Right now just enjoy reading all the stories. Either on paper or word on the computer, put the 3 different age groups. Then you can write down your favorite stories for each age group. Then the day after the deadline check for any last minute stories that were entered by the 6th. Then you will pick your 3 favorite stories for each age group. For instance kids 6-12 your favorite story you will put by winner, then your second and third favorite will come in second and third place.

    When you have decided on your 3 favorite stories for each age group, you write your choices in an email and send it to storybird at supportdata-popover-url="/accounts/menu/?usernames=storybird">@storybird.com. Then you wait while lala tallies them up and announces the winners. :)

  • Luckyboy22 Hearted.

  • Luckyboy22 Wow!! I LOVE this book!!! All what Lumi said^^^^^^^
    Love your books!!!

  • bluebird26 figment68: Thank you so much! I remembered something about the storybird blog, but I never found the link to it on the blog. Again, thanks!

    Luckyboy22: Thanks! I love your books too!

  • unit010 Hearted.

  • AwesomePink15 lol i luv it and agree with them ^^^^^^^

  • Nele Hearted.

  • Nele Just reading it I could picture the fresh of day...:)

  • bluebird26 AwesomePink15: Thanks!

    Nele: Thank you! It was just such a beautiful morning I had to get it down on paper. Or...Computer screen. :) Anyway, Every time I'd go for the Summer, I would have these mornings every day, and I loved it.. That's why it's such a wonderful thing when it happens. :)

  • summervy12 Like the picture and it great!!!!!!!!

  • summervy12 Hearted.

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