My Gramps

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  • mark Staff This is grand. Love it.

  • mark Staff Hearted.

  • FogCat Thanks muchly! I had a blast writing it. I love how stories just sort of tug themselves out of the pictures---if you let them. I wish I had known my grandparents.


    p.s. Oops, that was a rather depressing note to end my comment on. But I've always been sad that my grandparents lived so far away and that I hardly knew them. For a minute there I could be the little boy in my story.

  • Ferinhator I liked it. it was very interesting and quit funny. Good Storybird.

  • FogCat Thank you Ferinhator. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. ( :

  • 1566 awsoeme storyy!!! i exspecially liked the ending!!! :)

  • FogCat Thanks very much 1566. For a story to be good, it's got to have a good ending, right? haha, but no, I'm glad you enjoyed it.


  • pinkymiracle1 Hearted.

  • kairos I like your attitude towards old people. Great work!

  • 047Mister3 This made me laugh, and it made me think of my grandfather. Great story!

  • zibbycomix Hearted.

  • coraf brilliant like it

  • FogCat Oh, wow! Thanks everyone. And thank you to the administration for featured this. I very much appreciate it. ( :

    kairos: I'm not at all a fan of how the elderly are treated in our society right now: Put away in retirement homes and treated as if they are useless. Not good, not good at all. I say we should change it before our turn comes to be old.

    047Mister3: Thanks. If your grandfather is still alive, I'd encourage you to pick up a phone and tell him that you appreciate him, or send him a note in the mail. ( :


  • bangbangtobambam it just might be a little to long

  • Sweetnsour
    Hahaha this was such a funny story it was really great and i really enjoyed it right now i am at my grandfathers house because it is in the middle of the school holidays......he is a funny old man!!

  • adfresh10 I really like this its clever

  • kayla96 amazing! and the pictures fit the story perfectly!! great choice! i want to meet your gramps!! :) well done!

  • lolliepop123 That was a really funny story. Check me out tooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

  • lolliepop123 Hearted.

  • FogCat @bangbangtobambam You know, you're probably right. I was thinking that, too. I think if I do some serious editing, I'll chop a bit of it out. It does drag just a tiny.

    Thanks, Sweetnsour. Glad you can be with your grandfather; sounds fun!

    Thanks adfresh10


  • Jaymen I like the idea that you have used for your storybird that tells me you are very creative.

  • misswinnard Hearted.

  • 1566 Hearted.

  • lolliepop123 I llllooooovvvveeee that adorable cat as your avatar. Anyway, great story:)

  • joannahuang6S I love your story... So thorough and interesting..

  • colourthesky Hearted.

  • colourthesky I love how it rhymes when the story is almost ending. Awesome story. ^^

  • sushi i like that book

  • sunderland Hearted.

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