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  • celtic32 Grinning like a smiley face.

  • celtic32 This is wonderful- it could go so many ways if you wanted it to. It could be funny, mysterious, a figment of her imagination, or horror. (That's what I thought it would be)And never be sorry for spamming. Your 400+ (!!!) followers love everything you do.

  • deepfried_freak CP @celtic32 Awh, thanky! x) And I've doubled 400. But it's not too exciting, because most of them are inactive.

  • celtic32 @deepfried_freak

    You modest amazing writer you.

  • deepfried_freak CP @celtic32 Pheesh... Flatterer x)

  • figment68 CP Hearted.

  • serenafeng Hearted.

  • stubby_girl Grinning like a smiley face.

  • Lemone Struck me like lightning.


  • snehamoni it's ok it is a coooool story

  • fancy_dress Da bomb.

  • I_am_a_Narnian Hearted.

  • nut90 Hearted.

  • Magarooney Hearted.

  • Terracottallama Cute as a bug.

  • deepfried_freak CP @mojoco11 Awh, thank you x)

  • ghograce Hearted.

  • ghograce Spam? I see no pig meat, compressed into a small tab lid can. All that's here is a well written short, that could be the prelude to a comedy about talking dolls (Indian in the Cupboard), or a weird beginning to a horror film (Any horror film involving kids) I would love this to be brought out in a full story, and if that is already in progress, *scoots up chair, takes out bag of popcorn* Dis gun be good.

  • deepfried_freak CP @ghograce Ahahaha, oh my goodness. I love your comments so much x) I always look forward to seeing what you have to say. Would you like me to make this into a book? I might just continue it then... Just for you (:

    Have you ever thought of making a personal account? I would love to follow you... But I can't if you're on a school account.

  • ghograce @deepfried_freak You what? You look forward to MY comments? I... :') Thank you. And you would make a book? For me? That is so wonderfully nice of you. Whatever you make will be amazing, I know it (I hope I'm not making you nervous)

    When I started commenting, it was out of boredom (not at your work, at my life) Many of my friends had moved on to other people. I spent most of my time reading or on the computer. My Storybird account, at that time, only served to remind me of old friends who had not spoken to me in weeks. I thought if I had this account, I might as well use it. Commenting and hearting like crazy, not thinking any one would notice or care. When you followed me I knew that someone, besides my parents, cared.

    And yes, I will be asking for a account. My mother doesn't like things that involve chatting, but she does love art (she should, she was a artist after all) and good books. I might be able to convince her, but it could take some time.
    Wish me luck!

    Keep on creating, rocking, and looking awesome while doing it.
    (Sorry for the super-long-self-pitying-comment)

  • deepfried_freak CP @ghograce You. Are. Amazing. I would hug you if I could. *hugs* Keep your head up! I hope you can get a personal account. I would follow you faster than a dog in pursuit of a squirrel (x

    Aha. Best wishes in life. Keep in touch!

  • Graceful_Fool AKA @ghograce @deepfried_freak WHAZZZZUP. Super super happy right now. Already posted two books, but they could take awhile to be moderated. The only thing to do is to publish non-stop.

  • deepfried_freak CP @Graceful_Fool I love your username (x It is quite the oxymoron. And I cannot wait to read what you have written!

  • Graceful_Fool Hearted.

  • xintin Hearted.

  • luminiere Member Grinning like a smiley face.

  • luminiere Member Spam? You could write 20 stories in a day for a week, and I would LOVE reading them all. You stories are always amazing.

  • Cow_Master This is on FIRE.

  • Cow_Master wow, you have a lot of series! What is with the awkward cow

  • deepfried_freak CP @Cow_Master I like Awkward Cows.

  • Terracottallama When does the next one come out?

  • JackieeOfficial Hearted.

  • Cow_Master What do you mean, Sorry for spamming?

  • deepfried_freak CP @Cow_Master I had published five stories in one hour.

  • yak_on_later_11 Hearted.

  • firstredhead12 Hearted.

  • TheGrammarCop Hearted.

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