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  • luminiere I knew you'd do really well. You always did. Oh, cool! YOu get a laptop? It's so much easier to type than to write full pages. But that's just my opinion. Congrats on doing well!

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  • waphooy Hearted.

  • Sharng010 I liked how you described almost EVERYTHING!!! You're a really good author. You should use that as your career or in your career! Whatever you do, it'll come to good use in your life.

  • cookie54lover @waffer Ooohlala! A heart!

    @Sherng Thanks! I did this at school, and frankly the teachers' expression made me think I'd made a lot of mistakes, but it was the opposite - she liked it very much!

  • GreenHolly Hearted.

  • GreenHolly I haven't read any of your stories in a long time. Better do that. Even though this story was long, it still was really good. I actually don't want it to end. But there's an end in everything. At least I THINK so.

    [Book link will appear after moderation]

    Guessing is here at last! Whoever shares their idea first and they get it right will get tagged! Good luck!

  • cookie54lover @GreenHolly Oh awesome! Your back!

  • lalahead316 Hearted.

  • figment68 CP Hearted.

  • lalahead316 Wonderful.

  • figment68 CP Great story Cookie!!

  • cookie54lover @lalahead316 Oh brilliant lala! I haven't seen ya on my book at all, I think someone said it was your kids messin' around on your account? Anyways, I haven't seen any of y'all in ages!

    @figment Thanks a lot Figster!

  • Aathena Great story

  • cookie54lover @Aathena Gosh haven't seen YOU for ages! Thanks!

  • cookie54lover @Possum Wow! I feel just as honoured as when lalahead visited my books!

  • Luckyboy22 Hearted.

  • Luckyboy22 Wow!! That is SCARY!!! Now I'm DYING to know what happens. Nope there isn't anything scarier than being captured by a mummy and dragged into a small space and dying of starvation or no water.

  • luminiere Hearted.

  • luminiere That was pretty scary! But it was really good!

  • cookie54lover @luckyboy Haha. How creative. :)

    @lumi Thanks a load. Did you enter the fantasycc challenge?

  • cutienkl This is my favorite book on story bird!

  • cutienkl Hearted.

  • luminiere No, I couldn't. I was a judge. And I already entered my votes, so I'm just waiting. Relaxing and waiting. But you did really good cookie! You know you did.

  • cookie54lover @cutienkl Awz, man you are so nice. Too nice. :) :D Made ma day!

    @lumi Oh yeah! Haha. I forgot! This was actually a story I wrote at school. We had to choose horror or whatever theme. I chose HORROR! The teacher's expression, mawn, I ain't forgettin' that in a hurry. I thought I'd made a million mistakes. Turns out she'd never read such 'high quality' work. I'm like: What?? I just put random words on my laptop, (the school gives me a laptop for free, because I'm Visually Impaired, who's the one using big words now huh?) but everyone was doing it on paper. So when I bought my laptop home, I connected onto the internet, and went on Storybird, opened the word doccument, and pasted the lot on pages! :D o.O Gosh, that was a lot!

  • luminiere I knew you'd do really well. You always did. Oh, cool! YOu get a laptop? It's so much easier to type than to write full pages. But that's just my opinion. Congrats on doing well!

  • lalahead316 Congratulations! You're the Kid/Tween Silver Winner for the Fantasy Community Competition. (Community Competitions are run by and for the community.)

    Community Competition: Kid/Tween Silver

  • cookie54lover @lumi Thanks a load! Whatdya mean?

    @Lalahead Gawd! I'm freaking out now! Thank you so much! Made my day. Oh my gosh!

  • DarkOceans Yeah.. I did not get the big words you said so I stopped reading. Maybe I'll get it in a few years! *Wink Wink!*

  • DarkOceans Ya know.... I've been here for like 3 months and I wrote about 100 storybirds!!!!

  • cookie54lover @swftiegal Well done, but you've only writen 41!

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