Something New for Bettina Barcue

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  • mojoco11 Such a cute poem! The pictures fit amazingly well!

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  • mojoco11 Such a cute poem! The pictures fit amazingly well!

  • mojoco11 Hearted.

  • pepinito Hearted.

  • Spirit_Hawk Wow! The way you wrote reminds me a lot of Dr. Seuss, and his poem book The Cat in the Hat. Great job! I really enjoyed it! I'm going to check out your other books after I finish reading the other New and Noteds.

  • figment68 CP Hearted.

  • fancy_dress Hearted.

  • fancy_dress Really wonderful. Loved it very much especially those rhymings! So creative.. It was a great poem!

  • karthur What a wonderful poem wardsy!!! It did sort of remind me of Dr. Seuss, but in a good way! The rhyming was spot on and I loved the "cabbage root cake and barbecued beet" part too! Very creative, and congrats on N&! :)

  • karthur Hearted.

  • luminiere Hearted.

  • luminiere Really wonderful and sweet story! This is your second story, and it's your second time getting in New and Noted... at this rate, I wouldn't be surprised if all your stories got in New and Noted. Gooooooooooo wardsy!

  • wardsy Thank you everyone, so fun to read all your kind comments :) @luminiere That would be exceptionally cool :) @boyinkm and @karthur I love D. Seuss!

  • jojoogungbe thanks

  • littlebirdy2 Hearted.

  • YiBeiMMS So good, like it!

  • CentralCubs12 Hearted.


  • DrGiblet4 Wardsy, this poem is beautiful! It rhymed so perfectly, and the pictures matched as well! Congratulations on being under N&N! You really deserve it!

  • DrGiblet4 Hearted.

  • 2dogscs loved it

  • MaryDaphne I really like this story !

  • mightyfighty2000 Hearted.

  • mightyfighty2000 Wow - that was just amazing!

  • pagebr Hearted.

  • lemonpiggy i like the rhyming so so much

  • AlovesK Hearted.

  • elvy Hearted.

  • gauldadrienne Hearted.

  • Terlamaine Hearted.

  • MsOowise cool

  • GogoWriter Hearted.

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