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  • LaurenGirl Enjoy the fun!!!!!!

  • celtic32 Hearted.

  • celtic32 LAUREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We've MISSED you!!!!!! *Tackles in bear hug* Can't wait to see more rockin' Storybirds from you!!! Do you have a fav. book series? Use a cover of a book/movie/character/ect. See? I'm Piper from the Lost Hero!

  • LaurenGirl Thank you, celtic32!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've missed you all, too! I havn't made a lot of stories lately so I havn't been on a lot. No, I don't have a fav. book series. What is that? Will you be able to make a book like this? Do you know what I should do for my avatar?

  • celtic32 Sure! Do you have a fav. animal?

  • LaurenGirl Yeah. A dog.

  • LaurenGirl So what should I do for my new avatar be?

  • Austin_7 Member Hearted.

  • Austin_7 Member Huh. I have to agree with celtic. Anything in your interests.

  • LaurenGirl Thank you Austin_7! Can you make the book? What should my new avatar be?

  • celtic32 @Lauren-

    sorry it took me so long!! I wrote it last night, but was called to dinner. So you don't have to worry anymore!!!

  • LaurenGirl Thank you so much! I'll check it out!

  • LaurenGirl Thanks Austin_7! I'll do that!

  • katiebug75454 I made an avatar book!

  • LaurenGirl KatieBug75454~ Coolio! I checked it out and its awesome!!! I'll comment, too!!!!
    MoolyC114~ I'll do cute puppie! Thanks for the edvice!!!!

  • teammate15 Hearted.

  • stubby_girl Hearted.

  • LaurenGirl teammate15~Thanks!

    stubby_girl~Thank you!

  • squeewell Hearted.

  • squeewell LaurenGirl- I LOVE your new avatar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's SO cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LaurenGirl Squeewell~Thanks!!!!

  • Cassb I love your avatar - it is sooooo cute !!

  • LaurenGirl Cassb~Thanks!

  • figment68 CP Hearted.

  • Hannahhorse Piper from the lost hero???????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vidza Member Hearted.

  • Vidza Member I think you must have an avatar that reflects your imagination, your freedom, your love for stories, so your avatar must b a book!

  • LaurenGirl figment68~Thanks!!!!!!!

    Hannahhorse~ Whats that about? Everybody's mentioning it so I'm guessing its a good book

    Vidza~ Thanks! ill do that!!!!!!!

  • natalie38 Could be a different breed of dog.

  • LaurenGirl natalie38~Ok! Thanks!!!

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