The Christmas Toy That Almost Did Not Happen.

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  • Cassb What a gorgeous story!! I love it :-) And great use of the illustrations too!

  • Cassb Hearted.

  • mastersja Hearted.

  • montana411 I like your story!

  • montana411 Hearted.

  • figment68 CP Hearted.

  • figment68 CP Very nice story!!

  • robertgw i lovit

  • Bubbygirl1234 Hearted.

  • booklover7 it very nice. it reminds me of my christmas past.

  • baily123456789 Hearted.

  • baily123456789 love it stager danger

  • dominguezvanessa i love your story and the pictures you posted.your an amazing writing.

  • ald123 instead of saying caring in some parts wouldn't you say care

  • danceraeb I love the months names.Such a cute book. You should read some of my books.It was a long book. I red some more of your books you are so good at writing books. How do you write such good books? I want to know how to write a awesome books like that. I am going heart this because it is such a good book. I think I said a enough. But again awesom book. Love it the best out of your books that you made. Great book again.

  • danceraeb Hearted.

  • earl100 Hearted.

  • SMKatXJ Hearted.

  • liddojenni Hearted.

  • zarour1 Hearted.

  • catfish619 Hearted.

  • angel678 great job!

  • CharlotteMeade I like this.

  • livi014 i love this. it really teaches you the power you have when it comes to love.

  • 591818 nice story bird its really amazing

  • Merebear Hearted.

  • WJohnson omg that was a great stroy i loved uit keep woking on more book so that i can read it:) but one again i loved your story

  • Chloe5C Hearted.

  • Chloe5C Nice book! I love the Christmas theme!

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