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The Ghost of Ms. Cooper El Fantasma de la Señorita Cooper

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  • DianaWashington Lmao XD "Doooooo your homework" Love this

  • DianaWashington Hearted.

  • ChrisWashington Grinning like a smiley face.

  • dylanwashington3 One thing I like about your story is that it is a fun read, but one thing you may want to change is some of the words. Most kids that are reading this may not even know what a verb is depending on your target market. Did you think about changing the pictures, you use some of them twice in a row?

  • jalenwashington3 @dylanwashington3 There weren't a lot of pictures. qq

  • JadaWashington one thing i really liked is about this is how Ms. Cooper haunts his nightmares

  • stephenwashington Eh your story is sort of different. I guess but for what it is it's good.

  • OliviaWashington So amazing!!! One thing I really like about this is its creative and related to the life in middle school. XD

  • OliviaWashington This is dazzling.

  • JadaWashington Magical. Like a purple unicorn.

  • MonicaWashington Cute as a bug.

  • CedricWashington One thing I really like about this is the pictures and how the story goes

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