the lonely princess

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  • mitchmoza mitchmoza i like this book
    you were the frist one for my pomem and are you a girl or boy

  • mitchmoza Hearted.

  • BelleandJenna michmoza I am a girl how about you and thanks 4 reading!!:] :]

  • Chloe1114 what happened!!:)

  • BelleandJenna @Chloe1114 well, what happened was that she found out who was gonna steel her crown and... it...was... the read heared girl. she was actualy a robber in the midevil times.

  • Chloe1114 Hearted.

  • BelleandJenna thanks Chloe1114

  • BelleandJenna mitchmoza i am a girl and so is my cousin we share the same storyies

  • BelleandJenna we are a girl Jenna and Isabelle

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