The Marshmallow Tree

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  • FogCat Adorable and pretty near brilliant! You kept making my smile with the names you gave the creatures etc. Lovely.

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  • figment68 CP Hearted.

  • figment68 CP Wonderful story!! I love it, and now I want marshmallows. :)

  • carmencharles good job!!! keep up the good work!!

  • smiley316 That is really really really good!


  • FogCat Adorable and pretty near brilliant! You kept making my smile with the names you gave the creatures etc. Lovely.

  • 18bs Really Good Job! Keep up the good work!

  • 18bs Hearted.

  • tanyaattewellsmith Brilliant piece of workmanship! I wouldn't mind your opinion on some of mine.

  • kira2011 love it

  • Lauren4m I have a story and its called the MAGICAL marshmellow tree and I used the same artwork! That's wierd.

  • aahnk11 love it! :)

  • aahnk11 Hearted.

  • MrsRex Thanks, everyone! :)

    @Lauren4m I just read your story. It IS weird that we have a similar title and some of the same artwork. I got the idea from the artist, actually. Krisblues called the tree "the marshmallow tree" so I wasn't too creative and just used that, haha.

  • S2JImogen please follow me your a fantastic writer!!

  • MrsRex @tanyaattewellsmith I will try to read and comment on your stories too. :)

  • emmaloo :) that was great!

  • Gold3 best book:)

  • girlscoutmeredith You are an AWSOME writer,LOVE it

  • cubillos14 Hearted.

  • Mowserz this storybird is amazing!

  • cleo4461 wow very cool.

  • Cassb Beautiful! What a lovely story. Good luck in the June comp!

  • Cassb Hearted.

  • kebcoconut another awesome story from the fab writer mrs. rex!!!!!! I absolutey loved it, and now i am actually quitw hungry for marshmallows, sugar plum bears, in my word, gummy bears and marzipan rabits. In my words, sour patch rabbits. You are my idol and i would be absolutey honnered of you read and commented on some of my stories. When i read your stories, i just want to keep going and going and reading and reading. I hope you can check out some of my stories, and if i enter thejune challenge, i will know i have quite some compitition!
    your biggest fan,

  • soularcher Hearted.

  • soularcher Amazing story. I love the words you use, and how you described the place. Cocoa earth, sugar plum bears, marzipan colored and those sweet descriptions have me longing for hot chocolate and marshmallows.
    Amazing job. You are going to win this contest.

  • soularcher Part of my reading list!

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