The Missing Link A Tag Game Part 5

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  • Fairygirl369 Can you do it selenagomez11? :)

  • icefire29 Hearted.

  • icefire29 Awesome!!!! I love your part! <adds to reading list!>

  • Fairygirl369 Thank you soooo much! I'm glad you like it (:

  • MsOowise So sweet

  • Fairygirl369 Your so sweet!

  • Pasqueflower Oh wow, I love this part! it is so well written and creative, awesomely done! :) <3

  • Pasqueflower Hearted.

  • girlwiththeswirl OOOH It came out! I like the part where you say "her memories faded and so did her speech". Very interesting! I look forward to seeing what selenagomez11 does with this! (if they are able to make the time of course)

    Nice job!!

  • selenagomez11 Hearted.

  • selenagomez11
    Thanks so much for taggin me @Fairygirl369 !!!!
    Not done yet but will be soon!

  • Fairygirl369 Thank you so much! You are such a talented author, I am honored you like my part (:
    I was so thrilled to be tagged for this story, I had read all the parts before and loved them so much! It is such a creative storyline <3
    Yes, my avatar is an arctic fox! I am glad you like it, I love animals of all species but especially the fox family!!

  • Fairygirl369 @pasqueflower: Thank you for your thoughtful heart!
    @selenagomez11: Thank you so much! And Can you do the next part?

  • selenagomez11
    @Fairygirl369 Yes I can do the next part I am working on it now.

  • Fairygirl369 Thank you all for the kind comments!

  • Fairygirl369 @redrose15: Thank you for your heart! It is the people like you with the kindest of comments that keep me writing stories!!

  • Fairygirl369 @redrose15: Thank you for following me <3
    So SWEET!

  • selenagomez11
    I'm just working on it but done soon.

  • Fairygirl369 Dear Wolfgirl992,
    I love wolves as well! In fact, when I saw your username, I almost freaked out. In the summer, I have this pretend alter ego named wolf girl. She is way more fantastic and daring then I am, and she lives alone on the beach. Please don't judge. I totally understand what you mean by an animal bringing out the best ina person! <3 I have always love horses and foxes, and whenever I am around them I seem to grow quieter and calmer, more accesible and easy to talk to. I have never been to New York. I would love to go, though! I would for sure visit the Balto Stature, and it would remind me of my great storybird friend, you! I would really like to live in Los Angeles. It would be SO fun, and I would be near the Dolphins (I love Dolphins SOOO much-I really love all animals.) I live in Canada, so it's pretty cold right now, and there is tons and tons of SNOW! I love snow, and valentines day!

  • Melisme O.M.G. That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love where this story has gone. I didn't know that it would be such a great story. Great jog.

  • Melisme oops, meant great job

  • coolstar123 Hearted.

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