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  • cookie54lover @hockey705 Shouting at little brothers is fun. :P I should know, I have two on my back. xDDSmileeeeeyyy :)--How's the drivin' going my worm? Well technically you're not a worm (ACTUALLY - YOU COULD BE - BUT I HOPE YOU AIN'T! That would be CREEPY - to find out for two years I have been talking casually to a worm) Saying my worm, is a traditional way of greetin' peoples. OK so forget it. :P YOu look confused. XDI'm depressed! :( I only have four more cookies left! I ate three packets since Thursday and this is the last one! ;( My friend who moved to Canada two yeasr ago is weird. She SKYPED ME AT MIDNIGHT TO TELL ME THAT HER BROTHER WAS ANNOYING HER. And I was like,'peeps, what you want me t'do about it?' and she goes 'IDK, but it's interesting, right?' and I'm like.....wait for itttttt....YOU WOKE ME UPAT MIDNIGHTTO TELL METHAT????!!!!And she goes Yep. And I'm like UGH. And my Uncle skyped called me the other day on my mobile at 11:40PM! Your aunt cookie is normally asleep by ten. And so I dragged my butt to my phone, unplugged it, typed my status as 'I'M SLEEPING. PLEASE DON'T CALL ME, IT'S KILLING ME PEOPLE.' and put my sign as DND (meaning DO NOT DISTURB!) My uncle evidently didn't take the hint because he called me, NOT ONCE, not TWICE, not THREE TIMES if he was pushing itHE CALLED ME FIVE TIMES! :(

    Wow this is a long comment! All I wanted to say was Smiley, G'luck with the Drvin' thing.

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  • baconbaby511 Hearted.

  • baconbaby511 :) Congratz everyone! Even though Grumblekinz didn't win that's fine, I still had a fun time voting and reading it.

  • smiley316 Bacon! you came close

  • figment68 CP Hearted.

  • figment68 CP Good job to all the contestants and our wonderful hosts!!

  • Cassb Hearted.

  • Cassb I still love the Cactical monster - but well done to Zap!!! Great entertainment - smiley, lalahead, richart, hockey and backyard!!!!

  • HappyCupcake
    Smiley, I however wasn't very close. I thought I would be last but I was saved by another voter. Awesome story! Oh and one other thing.On the front cover it says Richart and Smiley. What about the others?

  • HappyCupcake Hearted.

  • bookloverjoy Hearted.

  • bookloverjoy YAY!!! Go Zap!!! Great job to all of the contestants, though, and lets have us a round of applause for the hosts!!!

  • smiley316 figment68... thanks!
    cassb... thank you!
    happycupcake... storybird didn't post them on, i guess...
    bookloverjoy... thank you so much!

  • baconbaby511 @ HappyCupcake yeah I noticed that, too.

    I knowzz! ;D It's alright though. :)

  • e261011 My favorite came in third :( Oh well, I guess things happen.

  • e261011 Hearted.

  • smiley316

    Bacon's New quiz show!!!
    Welcome to: "If you're smart, prove it!"
    Host: Baconbaby511 Assistant: Popcornbaby511
    any questions just ask in comments
    Please spread the word.
    You rock for that. ;D
    bacon LOVES YOU. <

    Smiley spreading the luv..

  • deepfried_freak CP Hearted.

  • deepfried_freak CP Well, grumblekinz was close... Wonderful!

  • baconbaby511
    Trimumphant --> (This is for Lalahead, Richart, HappyCupcake) Smiley already read this.

  • jwow101 Hearted.

  • celtic32 yea!!! question-
    how do you collaberate with more than one person???? please responed ASAP

  • celtic32 Hearted.

  • GnOmEs woooooooooh

  • smiley316 Celtic~ :D Okay, you need to have the other people over at your house, or at least know their username and password.
    Step by step:

    1. A sends the email to collaborate.
    2. Then, B goes and opens their email and click blah blah blah yes.
    3. B logs out of his/her storybird account and friend C logs in as them.
    4. A, B, C go back to B's email and re-click on A's invitation. You click, yes, blah blah blah. The next thing you know, you have a three person collaboration! :D
    5. Just continue steps 3 & 4 to have more people. :D

  • yak_on_later_11 Wow. I didn't even know there was voting. It seems to me like Storybird has turned into some sort of social networking site.

  • walktwomoons Once again, amazing story!

    The scariest monster is defintetly the zombie :)

  • livie9 blah! hehehehe!!

  • Picklereader Hearted.

  • Picklereader Cute!! How does more than 2 persons create a storybird?!?!?! I wrote person and didn't feel like changing it to people!! <3

  • Aathena Awww man I liked the lava monster

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