The Summer I Unraveled Patchwork Me

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  • waterbaby13 Tha was amazing czikimonkey, you did a wonderful job with that book, I loved it!

  • waterbaby13 Hearted.

  • reenola Hearted.

  • reenola "They popped into my life like popcorn." I like this image. Great entry--great story. :-D

  • smiley316 Hearted.

  • figment68 CP Hearted.

  • figment68 CP Wonderful story! I really enjoyed that. I can't wait to see what this summer brings. :)

  • celtic32 Hearted.

  • celtic32 Wonderful, just fantastic!!!!! I totally agree- summers change people drasticly. I underwent a change like that last summer, when I traveled up north. I forgot all the bullies and mean girls and became myself, just like she did. I hope you win!!!


  • Buttons_and_Ribbons Just... beautiful. No words to describe this because none are great enough. Into my reading list this shall go. :)

  • czikimonkey Wow, thanks!!

    @Waterbaby, thank you so much! What a great comment. :))

    @reenola, thank you!!! I love popcorn, so it actually made me a bit hungry to write that, haha :)

    @figment, thank you my friend!!

    @Celtic--you are awesome. I feel honored to have the Featured Writer commenting on my story!! thank you!! Summer, for me, has always been a transformative time--the chance to change yourself, to emerge anew. Maybe because I'm a teacher now, and thus begin again every fall, I still feel that as an adult. I think we all deserve a clean slate now and then, if we want it!

    @buttons and ribbons, thank you so much!

    I have to admit...I wrote this one straight from the heart :)

  • sunnysideup123 Hearted.

  • sunnysideup123 Czikimonkey, I don't know what to say. That was one of the best books I have ever read, and it touched my heart, not in a "Aw! So cute and touching!" way, but in a way that's too personal to describe. Thank you for that. You are an amazing author, and I think I should make some changes to my Patchwork Me.

  • lotrdude Hearted.

  • lotrdude Good job!

  • HappySushi When I saw this in the recent storybird section, I just knew it'd end up here in the New and Noted! I love it! Fantastic job!

    Write on,

  • HappySushi Hearted.

  • fancy_dress Hearted.

  • fancy_dress Wonderful story!
    Nicely written!

  • Magarooney Magical. Like a purple unicorn.

  • celtic32 Congrats on New and Noted!!! It totally deserves it!

  • Julz18 Hearted.

  • Julz18 love it!!!! this is in my rdg list.... RIGHT NOW! i just know you'll make featured! u HAVE 2!

  • plafornara extraordinary!

  • plafornara Hearted.

  • annaamy Hearted.

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