The Trip of Lifetimes Part 6

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  • Luckyboy22 Hearted.

  • Luckyboy22 OH MI GOSH!!! Richart, that was Amazing!! I LOVE it!! Totally worth the wait!! This is super good!!! I wonder what will happen!! I'm Brain dead!! I have no Idea what will happen!! Or what could happen!! can't wait for Celtic's part!!:)

  • celtic32 Hearted.

  • celtic32 Yes! I will write part 7 for SURE! Thanks so much for tagging me! It was an amazing book!

  • figment68 CP Hearted.

  • figment68 CP Awesome! I absolutely loved it.

  • richart @ celtic32 No rush :) It took me at least six months to finish part 6, you can take as much time as you need. I'm sure it'll be fantastic.

  • Luckyboy22 Hey richart!! Me and my friend (Who is new here) Wrote a book for the first time together!! I'd be honored if you could read it!

  • recycle656 Hearted.

  • recycle656 Awesome twist richart! I could not have written something THIS amazing by myself! :)

  • cookie54lover Member

    Sad story alert. ;( True as well.

    Epic story, btw. You rock richart. ;)

    Hey, um, so your NIECE here, started a game of who's smiley's Mom, so I wondered if I could get a little hint???

  • richart @ cookie54lover: ;) Maybe you should ask Jojo.

  • cookie54lover Member Humph! She is your niece! Jojo PROVED my theory. She said that her Aunt was an author, but I figured that she was being a bit shifty seeing that your only sister is Lala, and she kinda gave it away after she said that smiles was her cousin. My comment doesn't really YELL at what I'm pointing at: SHE WON'T TELL ME! I even tried bribing. ;) I think. AND I made another account, being Cookie's friend, but she saw right through it. I was going to tell her though...

    By the way, you don't have to mention my obvious brilliance in working that out. xD I'm too awesome - I hear it everyday.

  • cookie54lover Member Hearted.

  • MaddieDS Wow, that was amazing, richart.

  • richart @ cookie54lover You're close. Jojo's mom is more like my sister-in-law, and lala is my sister.

  • Diana111 can you tag...

  • Diana111 Hearted.

  • cookie54lover Member @richart You're not going to spill, are you?

    TAKE PITY ON A MEEK, SMALL, INNOCENT 10 YEAR OLD, plllleeeasseee????

  • cookie54lover Member I think you've only just discovered that I am PERSISTENT!

  • DarkOceans Are you ever going to do The Emerald Eye Beginner Part 3?

  • richart @ swiftiegal I am working on it :) Sometimes, with adults, things come up with work that make it hard to finish your stories. It'll be done soon, promise.

  • Luckyboy22 :) Cool!! Your awesome Richart!!:D

  • bookluver Tell celtic32, that i want to know what the next book is do i can read it! they dont call me "bookluver" for nothing!

  • deepfried_freak CP Hearted.

  • Allalea Oh my goodness gracious me oh my waffles! That was amazing! So creative!

  • reenola Hearted.

  • aidanrissa Hearted.

  • aidanrissa Spectacular job, richart! : - )

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