The Way to Yonder

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  • pixystix89 Wow, you are an amazing writer, I LOVED this!

  • pixystix89 Hearted.

  • jenw2012 Hearted.

  • nikinoodlesoup This was truly great! No wonder you're a finalist in the other contests. :)

  • nikinoodlesoup Hearted.

  • jlb459 Nice.

  • jlb459 Hearted.

  • jnewkirk Ah, another version of a Yonder story...

  • koko345 Hearted.

  • insomnamama Thank you for all the hearts and comments folks. This story happened because my son heard the word "Yonder" and spent almost three straight days asking us where yonder was and how we got there. I think I had been singing some Carole King around the house. :)

  • tak10822 Hearted.

  • tak10822 Your writing is wonderful. I can really hear Sammy having these conversations with her mom and dad. Clear, strong voice made this story very touching.

  • mark Staff @insomnamamma: I love that song. Tapestry, in general, is a masterpiece.

    Good luck, btw!

  • figment68 CP Hearted.

  • figment68 CP Great story. I really enjoyed it!

  • Ponderosa Hearted.

  • daisies Hearted.

  • daisies Wonderful story!

  • firepetal Hearted.

  • firepetal Lovely.

  • kv2000 That was a great story

  • deepfried_freak CP awesome story! keep it up!(ill try not to be jealous... :D)

  • deepfried_freak CP Hearted.

  • Writermama2 Hearted.

  • SmileStory Hearted.

  • SmileStory Wow! Great story! You have a wonderful imagination! Great job!

  • sofiya05 Hearted.

  • sofiya05 Great story.

  • insomnamama Thanks everyone! @mark, I agree, Tapestry is a work of genius. Not a wasted track on there. I've always thought someone should illustrate the title track, actually--would make an interesting art book!

  • hollyjustsayyes Hearted.

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