the whimsical poet

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  • mark Staff Ab fab, nyx. Ab fab.

  • mark Staff Hearted.

  • haha8811 I love it! But i don't get some parts in the book.But I still like it, very deep.

  • haha8811 Hearted.

  • missK Staff Lovely interpretations of the art.

  • VictoriaUsova CP Hearted.

  • VictoriaUsova CP I really enjoyed this book!

  • mark Staff Well, there you go nyx. You know you've done well when the artist herself likes the book.

    PS. I just reread this and love it even more.

  • nyx aww thanks guys! your words are so encouraging! i will do "the whimsical poet" part 2 coz Victoria Usova's art moves me. thanks for the inspiration Victoria :)

  • skittles10101010 Nyx I didn't really get the book its a bout a mermaid that frolicks in the leaves and turns into a princess it doesn't really make sense.Loved it but didn't make sense

  • pizzaavi i liked it!

  • pizzaavi Hearted.

  • grace Very interesting

  • cute_kitty Hearted.

  • Ginger Hearted.

  • Trama Hearted.

  • kaye Staff Hearted.

  • sabie THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DramaQueen8 I liked your story, but it's hard to say what I liked about it. It's almost like I didn't like it, only I really really did.

  • figment68 CP Hearted.

  • Broadway11 Hearted.

  • Broadway11 That was really creative. And though it might seem odd, the summary was my favorite part. What a beautiful simile that was!

  • s9385182 Hearted.

  • Vidza Hearted.

  • fancy_dress Hearted.

  • fancy_dress Great story!
    Very creative :)

  • deepfried_freak CP Hearted.

  • deepfried_freak CP Beautiful, poetic, perfect. (:

  • KenzieBug227 Hearted.

  • mightyfighty2000 Shamrocked!

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