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  • figment68 CP Hearted.

  • figment68 CP Really nice fallgirl!! :)

  • AwesomeWriter awesome!!!

  • arrowwolf I wish I was a great poet like you!!!! Luv ya sissy!!!!!!

  • tightropetdc You are so awesome fallgirl! you are the best writer in the class!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fallgirl Thanks guys!!!!

  • Blondshorty cute!

  • PenguinLover82 That is so amazing and fantastic and marvelous! I wish I could write like you, fallgirl. Even your shortest stories are filled with passion, rhyme, and creativity. I love this story! =D Keep reading fallgirl, peeps! And YOU KEEP WRITING Autumn!

  • tigerbeatlover99 Hearted.

  • tigerbeatlover99 Great story, sis!!!!

  • fallgirl tank you :)

  • kebcoconut Hearted.

  • kebcoconut great story! i came to read your story birds because on peguinlovers comments on her stories, and in her stories, she was always saying how awesome u r! sounds like she is one of the friends who stays up all night and tells you everything is going to be alright! i certainly have my fair share of those! again, great story!

  • luminiere Member Hearted.

  • luminiere Member Wonderful! We need to cheer for all of those things! They're all important. Don't forget the cheers for Storybird!:D It flowed nicely! Really nicely.

  • fallgirl Thanks, and Penguinlover is my bestest friend!

  • s8748 Hearted.

  • s8748 so cool

  • ponyboy_mida Hearted.

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