Touching Reality Part 5: Fear Of A Rising Flame

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  • Luckyboy22 OOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! WAWAW!!!!! That was totally out there GURL!!! THIS RULES!!!!!!!

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  • DarkOceans :D awesome! I LOVE it!!!!

  • DarkOceans Hearted.

  • RoCkOuT99 Hearted.

  • RoCkOuT99 Allalea!
    This has just gotten to good! I knew Gregory knew something!!
    This is to good gurl!

  • celtic32 Hearted.

  • celtic32 Whoa..........suspence!!!!! Now I'm pretty sure..Greg ahs a crush!!!!!! Great book!!

  • Nele Hearted.

  • Nele aaa! ANother great sequel-another left in suspense! Great job, Allalea!

  • smartcookie2 Hearted.

  • smartcookie2 Wow! Great job, as usual. This series is one of my favorites!

  • smiley316 Hearted.

  • smiley316 I might have gotten to this easier if I'd gotten a link... but no biggie :) Loveee! *says in announcer voice* "And the plot thickens as she realizes that she CANNOT (will not!) allow Kira to fall into the same trap."

  • goldielocks24 Hearted.

  • Allalea @ smiley- Oh my goodness I didn't realize. Usually I give out a link to everyone who comments on any of my Touching Reality stories. I wonder how I missed you (I went through it twice). Oh and this is from Gregory's point of view (he's not a she)

  • smiley316 Oh my goodness right back atchya :) Sorry, I personally didn't write that comment. My friend has been getting onto my account and commenting all this stuff on other peoples stories, but I changed my password, so I think it's all good now. I (really, me, the actual smiley,) just read it, and it was sooo good! Great part 5! Who's point of view will part 6 be written by?


  • Allalea @smiley316 Oh that explains it. Thanks for commenting (that is if you are the real smiley. Maybe I need to touch reality lol). Anyway part 6 will probably by from Gregory's point of view. I am thinking of having the4 story follow the photograph. We'll see though :D

  • smiley316 Awesome :) Yeah, I had a hack attack but I sorted it out with my friend and changed my password SO... it shouldn't be happening in the future (: Hmm, maybe I'll just have to have a little code or something in each comment so everyone knows it's actually me, haha.

    ~SMILEY~ :D ~

  • czikimonkey You are such a good writer, Allalea. Thank you for sharing the link to this awesome series!

  • czikimonkey Hearted.

  • Allalea @the real smiley- Great. Haha a code would be good. She would probably figure it out and then the whole game would be up! Hehe. Anyway, glad you, the real Smiley, liked it.

  • figment68 CP Hearted.

  • figment68 CP Great series Allalea!! :)

  • stubby_girl aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! im so confused and cant wait for the next part!!!!!!!!! this is sooooo great!!:)

  • stubby_girl Hearted.

  • Luckyboy22 Hearted.

  • Luckyboy22 OOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! WAWAW!!!!! That was totally out there GURL!!! THIS RULES!!!!!!!

  • luminiere Member Hearted.

  • luminiere Member Very mysterious... I loved it! Gregory's awesome, I loved that this story was in his words. His point of view. So the photograph's dangerous? I guess it holds secrets. I can't believe I didn't read this earlier. I guess I thought that I already did, and so I didn't. I'm glad I finally checked! Great job, Allalea! Can't wait for part 6!

  • Luckyboy22 Hey Allay!! When is Part 6??!! I CANNOT WAIT 4 IT!!

  • Allalea @Luckyboy- I will soon. High School is so busy!

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