What Will You Do When the Monsters Come? 

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  • Vidza Member Oh my gosh!
    This is so AWESOME AND FUNNY.
    I LOVE IT!

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  • Vidza Member Da bomb.

  • Vidza Member Oh my gosh!
    This is so AWESOME AND FUNNY.
    I LOVE IT!

  • czikimonkey @Vidza THANKS!! I'm so glad you like it!!

  • Hilla19 I loved it too. It was a awesome story. :)

  • figment68 CP Da bomb.

  • figment68 CP Great story Cziki!! Very creative and fun.

  • smiley316 Hahahaha oh my goodness this is seriously one of your best storybirds!

  • smiley316 Grinning like a smiley face.

  • fancy_dress Grinning like a smiley face.

  • fancy_dress This is sooo amazing! So humorous and goofy in a way! Really enjoyed it. :)

  • elspeth Hearted.

  • cherry_blossom Member Hearted.

  • czikimonkey Thanks guys! I had SO MUCH FUN writing this.
    I wrote it to be a second installment on the escapades of Professor Doofus....if you look through my stories there's another story about his secret hideout and the night it was infiltrated! I might have to make him a recurring character.

  • celtic32 Yes!!!! @czkimonkey you need more from Prof. Doofus!!!

  • Basketballstar4 This is dazzling.

  • Basketballstar4 awesome

  • Terlamaine Grinning like a smiley face.

  • czikimonkey Thanks everyone! *Blushes*

  • Luckyboy22 Da bomb.

  • Luckyboy22 That was SO FUNNY!!! I mean REALLY MAGICALLY FUNNY!!
    How on earth did you think of those ridiculously funny things to write??
    Your soo amazing!!

    Puh-leese write another one!!;D

  • czikimonkey @Luckyboy22 thank you! What a compliment!! You are very talented yourself :)))

  • Luckyboy22 Aww thanks!!:)
    Can you write more Prof Doofus?? Its soo funny!!:D

  • wiki22 Well you too guys!

  • FogCat Hahaha! This is FANTABULOUS, cziki! Keep em comin'!
    -The Foggalator

  • czikimonkey @FogCat thanks CatFog! LOL you inspired me with your monster haiku :))

  • FogCat This is on FIRE.

  • celtic32 This is on FIRE.

  • luminiere Member Da bomb.

  • luminiere Member Super amazing and wonderful, I loved it. Really, really, really, awesome. I could never have made anything as good as that. Ever. In my whole life.

  • czikimonkey @luminiere, that is crazy! You are an amazing writer. I am way way way older, and it took me this long to write it...and it's fun, yeah, but it's not like I wrote a bestseller or anything ;) I am in awe of you and all of the young writers on this site.

  • GreenHolly Grinning like a smiley face.

  • GreenHolly This is a very funny story. I loved it a lot, so I think I'll repost it so I can read it again if I'm down in the dumps. :)

  • czikimonkey @GreenHolly, thank you :) I am sorry to hear you are down in the dumps! I hope that you find happiness soon :) It DOES get better...I used to be a very sad teenager, and now I am a pretty happy adult! :)

  • mark Staff Super slick, like a Ninja.

  • smartcookie2 Hearted.

  • smartcookie2 this is an amazing story! love it love it love it!
    I have come back to storybird to see an awesome new layout! how long has it been like this?
    once again I love that book so much!!!

  • czikimonkey @smartcookie2, thank you!!! The layout has been changed for almost a week now. Isn't it fantastic?

  • Liam3T Hearted.

  • Cassb Da bomb.

  • CarmenMock Hearted.

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