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  • Luckyboy22 Hearted.

  • Luckyboy22 LOL!! That was Great Bluebird!! I have never had writers Block, I just...think of Millions of Idea's, Yesiree I am Planted LucksoImaginationDreamingplanet!! Yeah, Sometime I think Of a crazy story in my head!! That's why horses like me!!! I teach them something new, and take the time it takes so it takes less time, and they LOVE new stuff!!! Anyway, I'm a blabber mouth or, blabber typer as you can see, but Great rhyme anyway!! And If I'm 2 much of a big mouth just say so, well write so!!!!!!! AHHH I"M INSANE AND CRAZY AND FUNNY AND COOL AND I"M JOKIN!!!!!

  • hi_its_me Hearted.

  • bluebird26 Luckyboy22: Wow! I haven't heard such a....loud comment since one of my blogs! You like horses? Is that your picture? I like horses. Anyways, thanks so much!

  • figment68 CP Hearted.

  • figment68 CP Great story!

  • AwesomePink15 yeah im talkitive 2 its a march thing me and lucky talks alot sorry is were typing loud that mean were talking lol

  • lalahead316 Hello, bluebird26!
    In case you needed a little more clarification on how to judge, I have a little brief explanation:

    First of all, thank-you for volunteering to be a community challenge judge.
    Just read the stories! Comment on them; heart them, whatever you like. Wait a day after the deadline for the stories to finish flooding in; just in case some stories have to go through the moderation process. Keep in mind that all stories must have the tag musiccc (that way, you can just type in ‘musiccc’ and all the stories will pop up) have their age group in the description and/or in the story, have some relevance to the theme, and have been submitted and/or edited before the deadline, March 6th.
    Once the deadline is over, just choose your top three for each age category: Example:

    Kids 6-12 winner: …
    Kids 6-12 1st Runner up: …
    Kids 6-12 2nd Runner up: …
    Teens 13-18 Winner: ..
    Teens 13-18 1st Runner up: ..
    Teens 12-18 2nd Runner up: ..
    Adults 18+ winner: ..
    And so on. Make sure to have picked your top three for ALL age categories when you send your results in!
    Once you’ve decided, just email your choices to supportdata-popover-url="/accounts/menu/?usernames=storybird">@storybird.com, and then you can sit back and wait for the scores to be tallied and the winners to be announced. Any more questions, just ask me. (:


  • Aathena Yet another rhyming masterpiece from genius author bluebird26, you are an incredible author

  • Aathena Hearted.

  • hi_its_me hahahaheheheheheh Dupstep makes me happy to :) :P

  • lemonade5678 Hearted.

  • lemonade5678 Loved it!

  • bluebird26 Figment68: Thanks!

    Awesomepink15: Ikr?

    lalahead316: Thanks! That helps a lot. I'll have to use my mom's email though because I don't have one of my own.

    Aathena: Thanks! You're a great author too.

    hi_its_me: I love dubstep.....so much.

    Smartcookie2: I would, but I'm really busy.

    lemonade5678: Thank you! And I really know how you feel about writer's block... :)

  • Nele Hearted.

  • Nele Loved the cute ryhmes! Brilliant poem!! :)
    Could you take a time to look my entrance for the CC?

  • luminiere Member Hearted.

  • luminiere Member Wonderful job! I loved it so very much! So, if you haven't read yet, here's a link to the next part of the tag game you started. Sorry it took so long.


    Sorry the title is a bit different. I couldn't make it public if I didn't change it.:(

  • bumblebeebee Though I usually don't experience writers block, this clearly describes how I feel when I do.

    Great story!

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