Heroes of the young
Teenagers began to disappear.No one knows where they went.One day you’d see one the next their missing poster hangs on a wall.When you are taken you are taken to the void.A never ending place.And to get out you have to win the game.But is the game winnable?
Chapter One
The void.A never ending land that is only forest,deserts,swamps,and ashlands.In the void color is all grey.As if you where watching an old movie.The void is what we called this eternal empty land.When you where taken you’d wake up here.All alone.Ive been in the void for who knows how long.Time here is irrelevant the sun and moon rise and fall at different times of day.
Never at the same time.Some days are long and some are very short.One day Your at home watching the news on teenagers who disappeared the next you wake up in an unknown.A never ending land no matter how far you go it repeats.You can never come to somewhere new.Theres no civilization except for what you and other legends make.
Let me explain when you come to the void you become a legend.The fact of the name being you may be here so long you become a legend.Also known as LGD’S the short way of saying legends and the fastest.When you wake up in the void you wake from a dream in which the rules are set.They are simple rules you have to follow or else be terminated.
1.Live to survive
2.Dont Die
3.Protect your legion base
4.Find your rank in the void
5.Win the battles
The void is no peaceful thing.Lurking in the dark are Splitzers.Why they are called that should never be said.They come on certain days the night before you receive a warning dream.Coming in waves.Hundreds upon thousands at times.Its almost like a giant game that someone is playing.You defend the tower.
Also known as base.If you don’t well let’s say you never wake up again.After a wave the “game” resets.You wake up perfectly as the night before no cuts or bruises.But those who die well they are gone for good.Each game is different.Once the sunsets everything changed you might find your battling in a desert and your base was a sand castle.
I’ve seen many,ranking from castles to space ships.For each game you win you and you fellow legends is sent to the next level.There are levels to the game for each time you are taken to a new base you move up a level.The final level is rumored you must defeat the “game maker” also known as the keeper.
In which you are promised freedom.But the trick is as everyone knows the levels get harder and the enemy get tougher.And the keeper cheats he always have and always will.When I woke up I found I was a legendary.Someone who chooses their legion.For the Being I chose silver.The best legion .To each legion corresponds a technique.
Silver:Close &a Air Combat
Bronze:Long Distance Combat
Iron:Hand Combat
Guess how many people we lose in Iron.A lot.To find your rank means the rank in the “Legend” legion for your base.I am Silver Commander Lightning.Once in the void you make a name for yourself you are no longer the person you where.In the silver legion Everyone is a girl why you may ask.What we do is more acrobatic,and flexible.As for every other legion other than healers is all boys.
So there is few numbers in silver legion and many in steel.Everyday is unknown what will happen never can be told.But you have to be flexible or else that could get you Splitzed.Once in the void you fight for your life and the lives of others.Because you are a legend.Heroes of the young.And everyone depends on you.Failure is not an option.
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