i am falling, falling to pieces.

How can you run from the things in your mind? Well, you can't. But no one said you had to run away. You don't have to be okay. There's nothing wrong with being a little broken and a little insane.

Chapter 1: Sentence.
Chapter 2: Monsters.
Chapter 3: Broken.
Chapter 4: Wondered.
Chapter 5: Love.
Chapter 6: Running.
Chapter 7: Never to speak
Chapter 8: Break the mirror.
Chapter 9: Please, Don’t Get Close. I Don’t Want To Hurt You, Please.
Chapter 10: Satisfy.
Chapter 11: Before.
Chapter 12: Books.
Chapter 13: The reason I love to write.
Chapter 14: Dear Bird,
Chapter 15: Name yourself.
Chapter 16: Love can fix us?
Chapter 17: Souls.
Chapter 18: Eyes staring back.
Chapter 19: Painful words never spoken.
Chapter 20: Falling.
Chapter 21: Clocks ticking.
Chapter 22: Blankness.
Chapter 23: Catastrophe.
Chapter 24: Invisible water.
Chapter 25: Attachment.
Chapter 26: Chain Links.
Chapter 27: Shades of Black and White.
Chapter 28: Knotted.
Chapter 29: Safe?
Chapter 30: Hope.
Chapter 31: Tunnel.
Chapter 32: Someday.
Chapter 33: Smiley smiles. Teary tears.
Chapter 34: Always said.
Chapter 35: The dreams.
Chapter 36: Go Away.
Chapter 37: Homebound.
Chapter 38: Stars up high.
Chapter 39: Roses are not what they seem.
Chapter 40: Stay.
Chapter 41: A Strange Autumn.
Chapter 42: Games.
Chapter 43: You ran away.
Chapter 44: The Worst Pieces.
Chapter 45: Ah, Society.
Chapter 46: Wasteful.
Chapter 47: Snowflakes.
Chapter 48: Forward—Backward
Chapter 49: Warzone Universal.
Chapter 50: Big waves came crashing down.
Chapter 51: Stormy human.
Chapter 52: Walls to Bridges.
Chapter 53: False words.
Chapter 54: Can’t save.
Chapter 55: The Colour Giver.
Chapter 56: Arrow wounds.
Chapter 57: Closer and Farther at the same time.
Chapter 58: Falling Apart.
Chapter 59: Decisions, decisions.
Chapter 60: Haikus.
Chapter 61: Snowglobe.
Chapter 62: For someone who probably won’t ever see this.
Chapter 63: Winged.
Chapter 64: Straight Face.
Chapter 65: To The People—A letter.
Chapter 66: Petals and ripples.
Chapter 67: I don’t know.
Chapter 68: Ourselves—Someone else.
Chapter 69: Never to Miss—I miss you...
Chapter 70: Forigve me.
Chapter 71: Ghosts in the sky.
Chapter 72: Honestly.
Chapter 73: How can they love a monster?
Chapter 74: For someone else who may never see this.
Chapter 75: Drifting.
Chapter 76: My Biggest Mistake.
Chapter 77: Robot.
Chapter 78: Pen to Paper.
Chapter 79: Closed eyes can’t help you.
Chapter 80: We are roads.
Chapter 81: Mountains.
Chapter 82: Winding paths.
Chapter 83: Trigger.
Chapter 84: Falling Out, Falling In.
Chapter 85: Snowy Blizzards.
Chapter 86: His eyes, her eyes.
Chapter 87: Ocean lantern.
Chapter 88: Two of the same.
Chapter 89: Sunny People.
Chapter 90: Mazes.
Chapter 91: 60 seconds—6 words.
Chapter 92: Dear Problems,
Chapter 93: Clipped wings.
Chapter 94: Words Running Away.
Chapter 95: Ice Heart.
Chapter 96: Shadowy places.
Chapter 97: Little Painter.
Chapter 98: Diamonds in her eyes.
Chapter 99: Solve.
Chapter 100: Flowers.
Chapter 101: Myself.
Chapter 102: Shapes.
Chapter 103: Glass Reflection.
Chapter 104: Slowly Suffocating.
Chapter 105: What I don’t deserve.
Chapter 106: Beautiful Thoughts
Chapter 107: Understatement of the un-understandable.
Chapter 108: Sink or Float.
Chapter 109: It’s a dark, dark world.
Chapter 110: Packaged Happiness.
Chapter 111: Moon—Sun.
Chapter 112: A Broken Bird.
Chapter 113: Hint. Hint.
Chapter 114: Spirals and Lines.
Chapter 115: Paper thin heart.
Chapter 116: Paper cranes and everything else.
Chapter 117: I miss you dearly.
Chapter 118: Behind this Wall.
Chapter 119: Glossy Glass.
Chapter 120: Perfect Little Daughter.
Chapter 121: Another person who may never see this.
Chapter 122: So you think you could change?
Chapter 123: Little shadows.
Chapter 124: Masterpieces.
Chapter 125: The misconception of my writing.
Chapter 126: Flying.
Chapter 127: A special corner.
Chapter 128: Perception.
Chapter 129: Footprints.
Chapter 130: What good is any good?
Chapter 131: Hello—Goodbye.
Chapter 132: Walking a quiet path.
Chapter 133: Fireworks.
Chapter 134: Starry heart.
Chapter 135: Mirror, Mirror, what are you hiding?
Chapter 136: Almost there.
Chapter 137: Puzzling words.
Chapter 138: Destruction at your service.
Chapter 139: Stars need Darkness.
Chapter 140: Below, below, below.
Chapter 141: Let go.
Chapter 142: Say goodbye to the flowers.
Chapter 143: Loveless love.
Chapter 144: Stars are always watching.
Chapter 145: Freedom.
Chapter 146: Sand grains.
Chapter 147: Trees without Leaves.
Chapter 148: Toying with my Heart.
Chapter 149: It’s hard to forgive.
Chapter 150: Waters, rocks, and something in between.
Chapter 151: Haikus, again.
Chapter 152: How selfish of me.
Chapter 153: Falling into the wrong hands but feeling so right.
Chapter 154: Saying Goodbye.
Chapter 155: He believed it was okay.
Chapter 156: Another person who may not see this.
Chapter 157: Night and day.
Chapter 158: Not Okay.
Chapter 159: Painful Memories.
Chapter 160: Sad Irony, but true.
Chapter 161: Ripping the Seams.
Chapter 162: Sorry doesn’t look like a word anymore.
Chapter 163: Acceptable.
Chapter 164: Everyday is Different.
Chapter 165: Ruined Story.
Chapter 166: Hundred against One.
Chapter 167: Putting others first.
Chapter 168: Photograph this.
Chapter 169: Round and around we go.
Chapter 170: Chain linked words.
Chapter 171: The best monster.
Chapter 172: Burning.
Chapter 173: Broken keeps the world from falling apart.
Chapter 174: For Another person who may never see this.
Chapter 175: Almost.
Chapter 176: Changing into me.
Chapter 177: Sea in a Drop.
Chapter 178: Six words.
Chapter 179: Empty is still heavier than you think.
Chapter 180: Remembering hurts.
Chapter 181: Plant the seeds.
Chapter 182: Let go or Hold on?
Chapter 183: Learn it already.
Chapter 184: Seen it Coming.
Chapter 185: Jumping off the edge.
Chapter 186: Silence is indeed the most painful.
Chapter 187: Don’t know where to go, so many different roads.
Chapter 188: Rewrite your own tale.
Chapter 189: Broken Mask.
Chapter 190: The Stepping Ladder.
Chapter 191: Don’t worry about it.
Chapter 192: Heart Pieces.
Chapter 193: Wintery Feelings.
Chapter 194: Comfortable doubt.
Chapter 195: A Beautiful Ocean.
Chapter 196: Reality to Insanity.
Chapter 197: Tomorrow.
Chapter 198: i am falling, falling to pieces. or as someone once said, i am falling into...

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