a book of a unexpected friendship, the violin and a brain tumor
A Note For Rina
Sound: vibrations that travel through the air
‘’Play more Henry! One more song!’’ Mom said smiling the biggest I had ever seen.
I picked up the violin and slipped it under my head. One more song, then I can sleep
‘’Which one?’’ I grinned adjusting the tuner. ‘’Anyone, just do one!’’ she giggled. I smiled at her and picked up the bow.
I loved seeing Mom happy. She always wore a frown on her face no matter what. A unicorn could fly into the room and she would have something bad to say about it.
I yawned and pressed the bow to the violin. ‘’What’s the matter, honey?’’ Mom’s smile faded.
‘’I’m sorry I just I’m...tired’’ I stammered. Which was true, all day I had been tired. ‘’Oh, well I don’t want to force you. Lots of homework?’’ she guessed. I cradled my violin close to me.
‘’No, I um..ran a lot today in gym’’ I said. ‘’Alright if you say so. You do look a little pale’’ she put a hand up to my forehead.
I knew this was what she was going to do! ‘’I’m fine!’’ I pushed her hand away.
I jumped down from the couch and strolled into the kitchen, my head thumping. It felt like there was some kind of animal dancing on it. ‘’I think I’m just hungry’’ I called to her.
She came into the kitchen and slid on her baby blue apron. ‘’I’m going to make a pie for the new neighbors’’ she decided.
I picked out a red container filled with mushy food. ‘’Um, I saw them today. They don’t look very nice’’ I popped the lid off and sniffed the mystery food.
‘’Yuck!’’ I cried shoving it back in the fridge. It smelled sour and like a wet dog mixed in with dirty socks.
Whatever that was, it was disgusting! She laughed. ‘’Henry, never judge a book by it’s cover’’ she sang pulling out a dish.
‘’And I want you to take it over’’ she ruffled my hair. I glanced at her. Me take it over?
‘’I’ll be up in my room practicing’’ I told her finally picking an apple to eat. It was bruised and started to turn black, but it was edible.
‘’I thought you were tired’’ she raised an eyebrow. Here we go again. ‘’I am, but I can always spend time with my violin!’’
I laughed biting into the apple. I gagged and spit a chunk out onto the floor. Sometimes we didn’t have food for weeks.
Mom frowned. ‘’I’m going to the store tomorrow’’ she apologized. ‘’I’m sorry it’s just with him and everything going on..’’ she put her face in her hands. ’’Its fine Mom’’ I hugged her.
She blushed and patted my shoulder. ‘’What did I ever do to deserve you?’’ she whispered. I hated making her upset.
I scooped up the pieces of apple and dumped them into the stained sink. ‘’I love you Henry’’ she smiled at me as I went upstairs. ‘’Love you too Mom’’ I grinned.
I quietly shut my door and flicked on the light. Still darkness. I sighed. Not enough money for the power bill. That was alright. Playing the violin in the dark was fun. Well, the violin was just fun. Everything about it.
Playing the instrument took me to a different place. That’s what I loved about the violin.

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Neighbor: a person living near or next door to the speaker or person referred to.

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