A collection of stories.
A River of Stories
Escaping, but Dying
Vaulting over the fence, a brunette landed on his feet before he began running quickly. His breathing was harsh, sweat dripping down his neck, and his legs and arms pumping. His feet pounded against the ground of the meadow, the sounds of yelling and loud sounds of boots marching across the ground.
Running through the tall grass of the meadow, the brunette tried to blend in with the grass and flowers. His heart raced, his evergreen eyes flitting around his surroundings, and his hands running up and down his arms.
His outfit, which consisted of a plain white shirt and pants, were covered with dirt. His bare feet were brown with mud, and scratches could be seen, blood dried on them. His face was dirtied, a small streak of dried blood down the right side of his face.
He held his breath as the sounds of boots crunching the grass was heard near him. A grumble was heard, as was the sniff of another one.
“D*mn kid,” one grumbled. “How’d he escape again?”
“Supposedly by knocking out the guards,” a second one said. “He used hypnosis; you know he and the others have those freaky powers of their’s.”
“Yeah, yeah,” the first one snapped. “Do we kill him, or bring him back alive?”
“We bring him back, but kill him if he resists.”
It was then silent, just the sound of crunching grass running through the air.
The brunette still held his breath, waiting for the two to pass before he dared to breath again. Exhaling quietly, he set his arm on the ground, setting it on a twig. Which snapped.
The brunette stood quickly, evergreen eyes locking onto the two guards. He squeaked when the two began running towards him, causing him to turn and run.
One of them managed to catch up and grab his arm, twirling him around to meet him. He grabbed the brunette’s in a tight grasp, and then lead him to the other one.
“Got him,” the guard told the other.
“Great,” the second one said. “Let’s take him back to the lab.”
The one holding the brunette nodded, the two of them beginning to walk back to the lab. The brunette struggled in the guard’s arm, trying to pry free, but he couldn’t. He stopped and let himself be dragged, thinking of how he could run.
An idea came to him, his wheels turning.
Wriggling again in the guard’s arms, he managed to turn sideways and kick the guard holding him in the face. The guard cried in pain, letting his arm go, and clutching his face in pain. The brunette turned to the other one, ducking under the bat that was swung. He swiped the guard’s feet from under him, causing the guard to fall.
Then he sprinted away, his hair flying.
But a shot rang out.
Pain exploded in his chest from the back, his body falling forward, his vision turning black.
His evergreen eyes closed, the last thing he saw was the light blue of the sky.

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