Dream Reality
The Library
“Tell us a story! Won’t you tell us a story! Please mom!” Aaron and Clarissa said bouncing up and down.
“Okay okay.” The woman laughed. “Calm down I can’t tell a story if you’re both so loud!” The two children quickly settled down. “Once upon a time a young girl had to move into a new home.” The woman began the story.
“We’re here!” Her father said mostly for the sake of her younger brother and sister. At least she hoped. She didn’t want to be talked to like a child. Even if she were one.
“Oh wow! Look at it! It’s so big it looks like a castle!” Rio Carter’s 10 year old sister Cia exclaimed.
“I can’t wait to see my room!” Rio’s 8 year old brother said. They were both so happy. How could they be so happy? Considering what was going on. And yet here they were bouncing and squealing about their new home.
the house was big and dark. It was an old Victorian house with fancy shutters on the windows and a rout iron fence surrounding the property. I looked like it belonged in a horror film.
“What do you think, Rio?” Her father said already carrying boxes from the trunk.
“It looks fine.” She said. Although she though it looked a lot less then ‘fine.’
“Listen I know you’re pretty down right now but your mother will be fine. After all that’s why we moved here. Now we’re closer to the hospital that can help her.” She knew all this it didn’t change a thing though. Until the time when her mother was actually alright I will continue to sulk. “Remember” my father said. “There’s a library.”
“The library? Does it have books in it?” I asked.
“Yep. The Tate’s said their son loved it and would want someone else to love it.”
The previous owners son. I had heard a lot about him. He disappeared 8 years ago. I had found the town newspaper online and read about it. I was interested and assumed it’d be a bit rude to ask. Apparently he disappeared from the property. So not only did the house look like it belonged in a horror movie someone has disappeared from the property. Nice.
I grabbed a box of my stuff and walked in.
“Brayden can you get the door.” I shout from the porch. Nothing, typical. “Brayden! Cia! A little help here!” Nothing. I sighed and set the box down to open the door. Just as I’m reaching for the door it opens and knocks me in the face.
“Oops!” My father exclaims well I shout
“Ow!” “Sorry daughter dearest.” My father said jokingly. I pick up the box and walking in grumbling.
The foyer is pretty big with an older chandelier hanging from the ceiling. I walk through the kitchen and up the stairs for my room. I had to walk around awhile before I found it. Lovely, I’ve gotten lost in my own home. Granted I didn’t know where I was for only a few minutes but it was still annoying. Finally I reach my room. It’s big with a high ceiling and tall windows. The walls are a dark royal blue and the windows are covered with golden yellow curtains. The room is still fairly bare. My bed, desk, and bookshelves are set up but completely bare. It wasn’t that it wasn’t a nice room it just wasn’t my room. My room was all the way back home in Pennsylvania. But due to my mothers cancer we had to move here. To dreary old Maine. Don’t get me wrong I would do anything for my mother but I just wish we didn’t have to move.
Actually, I wish my mother never even got sick! I wish we were still all healthy and well and back home. I snap myself back to reality. It doesn’t do any good to think about how terrible life is.
Instead of worrying whether or not my mother is going to be okay I decide to find the library. I knew if my dad thought I was taking to the house he wouldn’t make me help unpack, and as much as I was capable of doing so I really didn’t want to help unpack.
It took me less time to find the library than it had taken me to find my room. When I got lost I had gotten a bit more of a feel for the place. The library was nice. Like all of the other rooms in the house it was big and spacious. It was rounded and the books were on floor to ceiling shelves. Starting about half way through the room two stair cases in each sides hugged the wall leading to a loft with plush armchairs and coffee tables and yes more books.
I walked up to a shelf at random and looked at the thick leather bound books. I ran my fingers along the spines of the books until one caught my attention. It was a thick book, probably 500 pages the cover was black with blue calligraphy style writing spelling out the tittle. “Dream Land” read the cover.
I lay down on a couch and began to read. The story was a good one. It was about a boy name Devereux find something called a “Dream Stone” set into an old necklace. The stone transports him to a land called Dream, he finds that Dream was once a place of freedom and peace until an evil king took over to rule. So he....
I feel asleep reading the book. But when I woke I wasn’t on the couch. I was laying in a field of tall golden grass of some sort. My first though is that this must be a dream so I pinch myself. But I actually hurts.
“Hello?” I call out. “What is this place.” I whisper quietly to myself.
“It’s called Dream.” A voice behind me says. I turn to see a tall boy with dark brown hair—or maybe it’s black—and blue eyes.
“Who are you?” I ask.
“My name is Alex Tate.” I boy replies. “Who are you?” He asks.
“My name’s Rio Carter. I reply
“Rio?” The boy asks. “Like-“
“Yes like the city in South America.” I sigh I’ve been asked that way to much in my fourteen years. “I’m sorry but do I know you?” I ask. “Your name sounds very familiar.” I say.
“Well Alex isn’t a very uncommon name.” I boy replies.
“Your last name though. It sounds familiar as well. Tate... Alex Tate... Wait! I do know you! Well sort of I met your mother.” I say with sudden realization.
“My mother. Did you move into the old house?” He asks sadly. “Yes but you’re here how are you here? Why haven’t you gone back? Your family’s been frantic!” “Have they?” He asked still sadly. I don’t understand why he didn’t just leave. Then it hit me. The only valid reason.
“We can’t leave can we?” I asked quietly.
“I’ve been here for 8 years I would’ve left by now if I could.” Alex said mournfully.
“So this is Dream?” I asked. “But it’s not a dream?”
“If it is I’m in a coma.” Alex jokes. “If you’ll trust me you should come with me. If you don’t mind I’d like to hear a bit more about my family. And I’m sure you have a lot of questions.”
I nodded and he gestured for me to follow. He led me to a sort of camp. It was a patch of flattened yellow grass with a unlit campfire in the middle. What looked like a mat of dried grass lay on one side of campfire. Alex sat and gestured for me to do so as well.
“If you don’t mind could I ask some questions about my family before answering any of yours. I haven’t seen them in eight years.” I nod. “How are they? My mother, father, sister?”
“You mother and sister are fine but...” I trail off. “Your father died in a few years ago. I’m sorry I don’t know much.”
Alex nodded slowly. “Do you know how he died?” He asked.
“No, I’m sorry.” I say.
“What are your questions?” He asked me. “I’m sure you have a million.”
“Could you tell me everything you know about this place?” I ask.
He nods. “I got here when I was eight and I was as lost as you were. Maybe more. I was so alone I didn’t know what to do. Then I met this other kid he was only a year older than me but he knew a lot. He taught me how to make a fire and a camp. He told me how a lot of people used to live here but they were killed by the animals that live here. His parents died when he was young. So he learnt to fend for himself. He told me one day he’d bring peace and rule Dream. We became good friends. We explored and hunted together until one day he just disappeared. And a few days later I got word from another trader that someone had taken rule. This was about a year ago. Turns out he had done it. He got rule of the place. I found out where he was living and went to speak with him. He had employed almost all the other traders, turned them into guards. He sent me away threatened to have them kill me. I’ve been on my own since then. That’s the best way I can think to explain the situation of Dream.” He told me.
“Wow.” I said not knowing what else to say.
“Listen you’re stuck here now too. I can teach you some stuff and you’re welcome to stay with me. I wouldn’t mind the company.” He said.
“Is there really no way out? It doesn’t seem logical.” I say. “Oh! And thank you I didn’t mean to sound rude. That would be really nice. I’ll definitely need to learn some stuff.” I said slightly worried. I don’t want to sound ungrateful for rude. He seemed so nice and annoying someone willing to help you is a bad idea.
“There’s no way that I know.” He said. “Here.” He said standing and walking over to a black bag I hadn’t noticed. “I have an extra blanket it’s almost night. You can sleep here at this camp then we’ll have to move in the morning.” He said and I nodded thankfully.
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