Five Days To Live
It’s Just The Beginning
I yawn, lying down on the couch. The quiet sounds of the TV in the background. I was about to drift of to sleep, until I heard;
“Breaking News, a famous scientist by the name of James Olly has shared some.. interesting news. Alex, take it away.”
I open my eyes and turn the TV’s volume up.
“Thank you Maybel. So, Mr. James Olly made a video and posted it on a website. It soon became very popular. Take a look.”
A video starts playing. A man that looking like he was in his mid 30’s stood in front of a roughly sketched chart, of what looked like stars, and trees? The video starts playing. I listen with rapt attention.
“H-hello! I’m James, James Olly. So as you can see.. um, I have a chart! And- and there’s constillations and trees. I have come to the conclusion that..” he pauses and paces frantically, he looks extremely nervous,
“That- the world, is going to end in five days. Yes! It’s t-true. Say goodbye to your loved ones. Because, on November 19th, 2057, the world, will e-end. Because, well the stars show that the world has tilted and, the trees, have been producing less oxygen..” He takes a long pause, then falls to the ground crying. “I swear I’m not crazy! IM NOT!” then, the video ends.
That was.. interesting. But lets be honest, it’s nonsense. I think I, or atleast someone else would know if the world was going to end. I sigh, and put my long brown hair into a bun. I pull out my phone and dial my friend, Blair’s number.
“Hey Aria.” she says.
“Hi, can I come over?”
“Yeah, sure. Bring PJ’s, sleepover for the weekend.”
“Okay, I’ll be there in 5.”
I grab my stuff, and start walking.

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