How Long is Forever?
I stood there looking into his eyes with him looking into my eyes.Ace,The hottest boy in school,the one I’ve had a crush on since grade school.”um uh Skyler do you um maybe want to go to the movies with me tonight”
he asks “i-i would love to, what time” i stammer “um” he looks a his watch “ i will come pick you up at 7:00 the movie starts a 7:30. do you want me to drive you home?”he asks “oh no i’m going to walk today thank you tho.see you later.” i turn around and walk home.
As soon as i get home i run up to my room and find the prettiest thing i have after a bit i find a light pink dress and put it on.I rush to the bathroom and start curling my hair and doing my makeup I hear my mom yelling my name and run down stairs “Whats all that noise about and why are you all dressed up?”
“i’m going to the movies with a friend.” she raises an eyebrow
“and do i know this friend?”
“no its a new friend but i think they are almost here.”
“DING DONG” my mom starts to walk to the door and i run after her “here mom i’ll get it.”
“no i want to meet your new friend .” she opens the door and i see.... the mail man? he hands my mom a box and walks away. I close the door and she walks to the living room then starts opening the box
“DING DONG” i run to the door and yell “bye mom i got to go my friends here!” i open the door , walk out then slam the door behind me I see Ace “hey you ready to go?”He smiles “yeah what movie are we watching?”
“i haven’t decided yet.”we walk over to his blue and black mustang ,get in and he starts to drive

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