Case 7481424
Hunter’s Game
Emails Between Penny and Lisa
To: Penny Knox, therapist for young adults
From: Lisa Alex
Subject: Appointments for my daughter
Hello Penny,
My 14 year old daughter, Chelsea, is very secretive, and I worry that she is struggling with something, but she is afraid to talk to me. Could you find an opening in your schedule to talk to her? Any time works, just not Saturday mornings. Violin practice! Thank you for your time,
Reply To: Lisa Alex
From: Penny Knox
Subject: Appointments for my Daughter
Hi Lisa,
I am happy to help! Do Fridays at 6:00 pm work? If not, I have plenty of other free dates. How many would you like to schedule? For the situation, I would suggest at least 10, and more if needed at the end. That would be $30, which is extremely cheap as far as 10 lessons for teens go. Let me know what you think!
-Penny Knox, Therapist for Young Adults
Reply To: Penny Knox
From: Lisa Alex
Subject: Appointments for my Daughter
Yes, that time works great! I’ll go with what you recommend and sign her up for 10 lessons. I’ll have the check on Friday.

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