people don’t listen. we will make them listen.
My name is Lasy. Lasy is the name of that dog from the movie, right? The one with the shaggy ears and long nose. Well, I personally have never seen that movie, and I don’t even understand why my parents would name me after a dog. (I think the dogs name is spelled Lassie, anyway.) You may be wondering what the whole point of this paragraph is for, it’s just me complaining about my name, right? WRONG! I created this chapter to show you one of the many things that make me unique. Now, on a more serious note, I’d better just tell you the whole purpose of this book. I wrote this book for the sole purpose of telling you that you can do anything. I personally never believed that myself. That’s why I got into music; so I could teach myself. So I could teach myself to learn how to speak up.
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