Erik Trinity Izzy
Last Breath
The moment my eyes set on her they were glued. Whenever I was around her I blushed, cherry red. We dated all through high-school and most of college. January 19th, 1994, she said yes. And now there hasn’t been a day I haven’t seen those beautiful soft brown eyes.
My name is Erik, I have red hair and red freckles. My lovely wife, Isabelle, my Izzy, has raven black hair and chocolate brown eyes. When I looked into her eyes at our wedding, I knew that this was the dream life.
3 Years Later...
Well now it’s March 1997, and we (my Izzy and I) still haven’t had any kids. We’ve been dreaming of having children. We have already decided their names. The first boy is Alex, then it’s Max and Jonah. The girls’ names are Megan, Amanda, and Joy.
We’ve spent a lot of time together cooking (which we both love), cleaning, doing laundry, and preparing the nursery. But now we think it’s time to share our lives with someone else. We’ve been talking it over and we’re going to adopt.
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