Lexie: Defender of Ghosts
An Old Friend
Lexie was sitting on her couch when she felt the presence of another. It was the feeling of eyes burning in the back of her head. She looked around nervously but no one was there. Just an empty room.
Two minutes later she felt a breeze. Just a whisper of the wind, almost like someone was walking right passed her. Again she turned and no one was there. Her nerves were jumping and her heart was pounding. She tried to calm down and convince herself that it was just the ceiling fan.
She took a deep breath and heard a voice at here ear. At first she couldn’t make out the words. Then the voice became louder and clearer.
“Lexie. It’s me.”
Lexie whipped around. But still there was no one. Breathing hard, she managed to clam down and listen again.
“Lexie. Please tell me you remember me.”
There was something oddly familiar about the voice. She gasped as the memories from three years ago flooded in.
Lexie had a secret. A secret she had never told anyone. Not even her best friend, Catia. She could speak to ghosts.
The first time they spoke to her she was young, four maybe. She had been having horrible nightmares. Her parents tried to comfort her. Oh how they tried. But they could barely get her to stop crying and go back to sleep before she had another. Lexie feared every night and was grateful for every morning. One night, when she was particularly frightened, she heard a whisper near her ear. She was scared, thinking her nightmares had come true.
“Don’t worry, Lexie. It’s ok. I will not harm you. I just want to help.”
Lexie did not call for her parents as she was planning to do. She wanted to hear what the voice had to say.
“My name is Dakota,” The voice continued. “I am 167 years old-”
“Wait!” Lexie interrupted. “How is that possible? The oldest person I know is 94 and they are close to death!”
“Oh! Silly me!” Dakota laughed. “I forgot to tell you. But if I tell you this you have to promise me that you will not scream or become frightened.”
Lexie nodded.
Dakota took a deep breath as if he was taking a huge risk by saying this. “I am a ghost.”
Lexie refused to believe this. “But. But. But. That is impossible. You have to be just a nightmare or a figment of my imagination. Ghosts don’t exist.”
“Oh they must certainly do young lady. I am living proof. Or rather dead proof.” Dakota laughed at his own joke.
“But that can’t be true. It just can’t be!”
“Okay, allow me to convince you. Can you see me?”
“Well, no but maybe you-”
“Is your door locked from the inside?”
“Right. So how did I get in?”
“I don’t know, maybe you had the-”
“Listen to what your saying Lexie! What other proof do you need?”
Lexie slowly let the information sink into her mind. It was hard to believe but there was no other explanation.
“You are right,” Lexie admitted. “Tell me more about yourself.”
They talked for hours and from that day on, every time Lexie was feeling scared, Dakota would come and talk to her until she fell asleep. Eventually the nightmares stopped coming and she no longer felt afraid. And over time Dakota started coming less and less until one day he stopped coming all together.
“Dakota? Is that you?”
“Oh Lexie! You remember. Thank goodness. You had me so worried!”
“What are you doing here? I have not heard from you in so long!”
“Our population is in danger! You have to help.”
“Whoa Dakota! Slow down! Start from the very beginning.”
“Okay but it is a long story, you’d better get settled.”

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