everything is perfect when natalie is
On The Ice
‘’Wow!..Mom it’s...great’’
I stammered hefting my suitcase up to my chest. Hugo snorted. ‘’Great? More like gross’’ he muttered.
I stomped on his foot and turned to her. ‘’It’s a fixer upper sure but it’s..nice’’ I added.
She grinned. ‘’Thank you Natalie, I know it’s not the best but you know with the bank and everything..’’ her voice trailed off.
I heard Dad yell in the distance. ‘’TIMBER!’’ he yelled.
Ten bags of clothes rolled out of the car and onto the dusty street. ‘’You sure this is the right address honey?’’ he asked.
Mom’s shoulder’s sagged. ‘’Yes it is Dave. I’m sorry’’ she sighed.
‘’Oh no don’t apologize it’s nice and cozy’’ he decided to say. Good catch Dad. Hugo shook his head.
‘’You guys must be blind’’ he mumbled.
‘’Well? Let’s go!’’ I laughed taking Mom’s hand.
‘’Open it open it!’’ Dad chanted.
Her hand shook as the shiny key unlocked the big wooden door. ‘’Looks like a dwarf’s cottage’’ Hugo bent down as we walked inside.
It smelled like something died and all the walls were painted a dark red. ‘’Um..well it’s nice and big’’ I complimented.
Dad nodded. ‘’I’ll go get the rest of the bags’’ he whispered and scuttled out.
I was trying super hard to keep Mom’s spirits up but they were crashing. to be honest the house looked really bad.
‘’Hey let’s go check out that frozen pond!’’ I nudged Hugo.
His brown eyes lightened up.
‘’Yeah!’’ We went outback which was fenced in by a smudged brown color.
‘’This place is gross’’ he said.
I sighed. We stepped onto the grass which crunched under our boots. ‘’It’s freezing to’’ I muttered rubbing my arms.
Everytime I spoke, a cloud of white was put into the air.
’’Yeah obviously. It’s Michigan you idiot’’ he shot back.
I rolled my eyes. Why was Hugo always so rude? Hey there it is!’’ I cheered poitning to it. And wow. It was huge!
‘’Woah’’ Hugo breathed.
‘’This is paradise’’ I huffed.
Hockey Paradise. ‘’Let’s go get our sticks!’’ I suggested.
‘’Race ya back!’’ I challenged already halfway there.
‘’You cheater!’’ he roared panting to catch up with me. I looked over my shoulder and saw he was bent down trying to catch his breath. ‘’Come on you slow poke!’’ I yelled and stepped back inside the house.
It had gotten warmer and I stepped back into the living room but stopped. Mom and and Dad were at it again.
Mom: ‘’What is this place?’’
Dad: ‘’I don’t know, you picked it!’’
Mom: ‘’How are we going to raise our children here?’’
Dad: ‘’I don’t know! What do you want me to do?’’
Mom: ‘’Be here for the kids! Not always at work!’’
Dad:’’I am here for them. I was there for Hugo’s track tournament.’’
Mom: ‘’And what about Natalie? She’s amazing at hockey! Have you ever been to one of her games?’’
Dad: ‘’Well..I um..I was extremley busy with work that one day!’’
Mom: ‘’Whatever Dave, we’ll talk about this later!’’
I stepped back right into Hugo. ‘’Watch where your going’’ he grunted.
‘’Don’t go in there’’ I warned. He wasn’t going to listen to me anyway. Hugo never listened.
‘’Don’t tell me what to do’’ he shoved me aside and stomped inside.
‘’HUGO GO OUTSIDE!’’ I heard Mom yell.
He came running out with a scowl on his face. I smirked at him. ‘’Guess that’s what you get’’ I muttered.
He stuck his tongue out at me and pulled out his phone.
‘’Do you still want to play?’’ I asked. He began texting. ‘’What? Huh? Oh yeah not really’’ he replied.
I sighed and slunk back outside to the frozen pond-alone.

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