Don’t Breathe
If you are anything like me you are horrified of the dark. You sleep with a nightlight, the closet door closed, and a baseball bat by your bed (just in case.) Well I live in a really old house and it creeks and groans all the time and since it is me, you can imagine I’d be pretty dang scared.
Well one night I was in my bed thinking life could be worse. I caught the bus on time, I aced my math test, the girl of my dreams had asked me out, and (Ba dadadadadadadadada... CRASH) my mom made pancakes for dinner. All of the sudden I heard a slight ‘CREEK’ from the corner of my room, and was shot from cloud nine. I hid under my covers and held my breath. ‘What was that?! A zombie?! A bear?! An alien?!’ I thought to myself. I peeked out from under my covers and looked around. Moonlight was seeping through my window but it was not enough to see very far. However I did see my baseball bat leaning on my bed. I was tempted to grab it and start swinging. ‘But what if ‘it’ sees me?’ I thought. For another minute I cowered under my bed before I decided it was safe to breathe.
But when I took that first breath in, the shadow in the corner took a step forward. Two eyes gleamed in the dim moon light and a voice broke the silence... “There you are.”

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