That’s Life
This is me, Susanne (Suzie) Starling. No, not the one with the beard! The one in the sunflower dress. This is me 5 years ago. The one with the beard is my dad. This isn’t a story about an 8 year old girl, and her magical unicorn. This is a story about love and life. This is the story of my 8th grade year.
I’m a happy girl. I try to avoid conflict unless it’s playfull. I go to a private school: Primerage Prep. People think kids who go to private schools are all snooty and rich. NOT TRUE. Most of us are really nice and friendly. MOST OF US. I mean...we are not perfect! “Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days...” Hannah Montanna. Speaking of mistakes, let’s get back to my 8th grade year...
First period English. I am not a big fan of English, but I love this class. Want to know why? Well, our teacher is super nice, and she let’s us talk all the time. But, do you want to know the REAL reason I love this class?
Two words: DREW WALKER. He sits right across from me. We make faces at each other all the time. HE’S SO CUTE. Well, at least I think so. All of my friends dissaprove. I’ve known him like my entire life. Why have I just sarteded started liking him now? I don’t know. I guess you could say he stole my heart. I just can’t help myself from staring at his curly brown hair and big brown eyes...RRRRIIIIIINNNNNNG.
“Well, that’s the bell! Have a good day everybody! And don’t forget, we have a vocabulary quiz tomorrow,” says Mrs. Applebottom. We all shuffle on to 2nd period. I have P.E. OH JOY...
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