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The Angel From Below
The Loneliness
The wind swept my lemon scented lavender hair. I was sitting on a bench reading a book. People passed by me not knowing of the burden I have in my soul. The burden which cries won’t fix.
“Angel! Wait up!” said Dokoda, my only friend.
I watched her as she trudges her way across the snow with her bag erupting papers all over the place. I let a single grin escape, she smiled back.
“Angel..ahem...little help?” Dokoda said while picking up her papers.
I picked up a paper and read it. It says,
Dear Miss Dokoda,
As the superintendent of the NYU I am honored that you have chosen our University to finish your studies.
Shantal Massiah
I was shocked, no, more than shocked. I wanted to scream.
“Dokoda......why...WHY DO YOU WANT OT LEAVE ME!” I shouted with tears running through my cheeks.
I didn’t care that we were at school. I didn’t care that I was embarrassing myself. All that could think about was the only person that I care about leaving me, all alone.
It is finally Summer, no school, no homework, no worries, no.......Dokoda. The events that happened last night slapped me back to reality. I ran to a nearby stall in my dorm and cried till my eyes hurt. I heard a knock.
“Angel we need to talk,” Dokoda said seriously.
I didn’t feel like talking I didn’t feel like doing anything. I finally opened the stall.
“What do you want?” I cried.
“Sit down,” Dokoda said. I did as she instructed.
I sat on my bed. Dokoda held my hands and said,” Why do you want me to stay?
“You’re the only one I have closest to family!” I started crying again, this time shrieking.
Everything started becoming blur. I could feel my body falling, I didn’t do anything, I couldn’t. All I could hear was Dokoda screaming, trying to wake me up. I could hear her calling someone. Someone with a three digit number, I felt it vibrate. Next thing I knew I saw flashing red and blue lights and sounds...from an ambulance. I didn’t care. I woke up to the sobbing of Dokoda.
“What’s going on?” I whispered.
She just stared at the table, was staring at a clipboard. I got the message and pulled the it with all my might. I saw something, something I didn’t expect. My eyes widened. I’m already dead! This can’t be possible! I mean I’m breathing right now! I fainted to the sound of beeping.

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