We’re Only Human
The Anti-Human
I woke up in a tank, a strange liquid around me. It was like jell-o, but easier to move in. Something moved overtop of me. There was a faint buzzing sound, and I felt the liquid being drained and the bottom of the tank lifting me. I sat up and couched out the green liquid. After a few moments, it was gone from my lungs. The worker handed me a towel and went to the dashboard of switches and levers. I dried the green liquid off of me, and stood up. Another worker handed me some clothes and led me to a side room.
The changing room was quiet, and had only some towels on a rack, a sink, and a cupboard. The white tile floor was smooth under my bare feet, and the walls were painted beige. I pulled on the grey dress, nothing fancy, and the fleece jacket. Then, I pulled on the brown sandals. I instinctively reached into the pocket of my jacket, and found the blue necklace where I’d left it before...

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