What if everything that made you you was gone?
The Forgetting Girl
When I open my eyes, I’m met with the harsh, artificial light of a hospital. To my right there’s the steady beeping of a heart monitor. A woman in a white lab coat and dark blue scrubs noticed me as she walked pass and stopped in surprise.
“Hello there.” She says walking into my room. She has shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes like crystal.
When I say nothing she waves at a woman passing by my room. The woman stops and comes in. “Could you please call Miss Avery’s family. I expect they’ll want to be here as soon as they can.” Then she turns back to me.
I want to ask questions. I want answers, desperately. I want this woman in the lab coat to stop talking to the other doctor so I can ask everything because I need to know.
The lady pulls a chair over so she can sit down, then taking a deep breath she says, “how much do you remember, Alexia?”
“Nothing.” I whisper, my voice is hoarse, like I haven’t used it in a long time.
“Okay,” she nods, “Two years ago you were in a car crash. You sustained a traumatic brain injury, that’s what put you in the coma.” She stops talking and looks at me and I can tell shes waiting for questions. But if I start asking questions, I’ll keep going until day turns to night and I need to hear the rest of the story.
“Keep going.” I say, my voice still a whisper.
“Well, there’s not much more to say, you’ve been in a coma ever since. Your memory may return but it happens a lot in accidents, patients just forget how it happened.” She explains.
“But why don’t I remember anything?” I ask.
“What?” She asks.
“I said, why don’t I remember anything?”
“No, no, I heard you. We’re going to run some tests, okay? It seems like you might have amnesia.”
Then, as if suddenly realizing that I have absolutely no idea who she is says, “My name is Athena Mace by the way.”
“My name is Alexia, right?” I ask, not trusting myself to remember.
“Yes, it is.” She nods.
“Alexia . . . “ I say thoughtfully. The name sounds strange and foreign to me. Which is an odd thing to say of ones own name but it was the truth.
“And Alexia,” Doctor Mace says as she stands to leave. “Your parents will be here soon. I’ll fill them in but they’re going to want to speak with you. It’ll be hard but it could bring back your memories.” And with that she turned to leave, and left me alone with a gaping hole where everything that made me me and about a million questions.
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