What if everything you thought you knew was wrong?
The Mystery of Devi Allen
An ‘Idea’
“How are you today, Devina?” Mr. Taylor asks me.
“I’m alright.” I say. Mr. Taylor is nice enough, although I suppose he has to be, being a therapist and all. He’s a plump man, with grey hair and jolly blue eyes.
“You always say you’re “alright”. Do you think that could mean anything?” He asks me.
“No,” I say, “I think it means that I really am doing alright.”
“Okay then,” Mr. Taylor says, nodding thoughtfully, and I know he doesn’t believe me.
“Would you like some tea, Devina?” Mr. Taylor asks me, picking up a tea pot.
“Um, yes, thank you.” I say, taking the tea cup.
“Devina, we seem to be making fantastic progress. Remember as always that you can call me day or night.” He says standing up. I stand as well and grab my coat.
I walk though the winding and beautiful streets Washington D.C. It’s May and pink blossoms are everywhere.
“Devi! Devina Allen!” I hear a voice call from behind me. I turn to see my best friend, Liza Potters.
“Hey, Liza.” I say.
“You busy?” Liza asks, falling into step next to me.
“Nope,” I say. “Just kinda walking around.”
“Wanna stop by the market?” Liza asks, pushing her short blonde hair out of her brown eyes.
“Sure,” I say and we turn into the people filled, outdoor, market.
Liza and I walk around for awhile. The market has always been a favorite place of ours. The crowds and crowds of people somehow makes it calming rather than frantic or annoying.
“Liza, Devi!” A voice says, and a tall-ish boy with messy brown hair and bright green eyes, steps out in front of us.
“Grey.” I say.
“Are you two busy?” Grey asks us, falling into step with us, “because I have an idea.” Grey says grabbing Liza and I by the arm and leading us out of the market.
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