The World’s Craziest Love Triangle
May 10th, 1821
It was a beautiful spring morning. Kallie smiled as she woke up to the sound of birds chirping outside. She glanced out her window, the sky was bright blue, and the clouds were white and fluffy. She loved when the sky looked that way. Then her smile quickly faded. She remembered she had to go into town to run some errands for her aunt.
Kallie hated going into town. She hated it because every single man that happened to be there would be watching her every move, trying to come up with a reason to talk to her. The men in Kallie’s village were always very desperate for her attention. They made themselves look like fools just so she would notice them. Some men even claimed to be in love with her but, Kallie never believed them. Because how could they possible love her if the only thing they knew about her was her name. Kallie wanted a man that would actually take his time to get to know her. She wanted a love that was real.
Kallie hoped that no one would notice her. But her bright, wavy, red, orange hair usually made it very hard for her to blend in. She also had blue green eyes, light white skin, and freckles under her eyes, and on her nose. She was twenty years old, which meant that it was time for her to find a husband. And her only choices are the men in her village. Kallie didn’t want to marry anyone from her village, but her aunt and uncle had the final say in that.
Kallie lived with her aunt and uncle for as long as she could remember. Her parents passed away when she was very young. She didn’t remember them very well. Her aunt and uncle took her in and never had any children of their own. Kallie always woundered why they didn’t give her up to an orphanage, because they both almost always ignored her. The only time they ever spoke to her was when they needed her to do something. They had become very greedy people. Only carrying about money, and things more than anything else. Kallie found it so strange that no one paid attention to her at home, but as soon as she steps outside, all eyes are on her. Every man wanted her, and every women wanted to be her. The women in Kallie’s village envied her. They envied her so much they didn’t even speak to her. They were all so afraid of being left for her, because they knew how badly all the men wanted her. Kallie spent most of her time alone. Except for when some desperate man would be trying to win her over.
Kallie began her walk into town. As she entered the town square almost every single man she passed smiled at her, said,
“Goodmorning Miss Kallie.” And tilted their hat. She gave each one a small smile back trying not to seem annoyed. Since the moment she entered the square a man named Christopher had his eyes glued to her. Christopher was the most eligible bachlor in town. He was rich and good looking, and all the girls were crazy about him. He had been chasing after Kallie ever since she was fifteen. He always got what he wanted, and was determined to make Kallie his wife one day. Christopher was the type of man who thought he was better than everyone else. He only spoke about himself, and thought that good looks, and money were all that mattered in life. And the only thing that was missing from his perfect life was the perfect woman.
“Ahh...there she is men. My future wife.” Christopher said to his group of friends as he spotted Kallie.
“Wife? I don’t think she’s ever showed any interest in you Christopher.” Said one of his friends. Christopher gave him a dirty look.
“She just doesn’t know what she wants. Alright?” Christopher scoffed.
“Well why don’t you go help her figure that out.” Another friend suggested motioning towards Kallie. Christopher removed his hat and handed it to another friend to hold.
It had been a awhile since Kallie and Christopher had seen each other. Kallie wished that it didn’t have to come to an end when she noticed him walking towards her. She walked faster trying to avoid him. But it wasn’t fast enough. He had caught up to her.
“Goodmorning Miss Kallie. How are you today?” Christopher asked while walking next to her.
“Good, how are you?” She said sighing.
“Great now that I got to see you.” He said with a smile. Kallie rolled her eyes.
“Have you found yourself a husband yet?” He asked.
“No.” She quickly answered.
“Do you have anyone in mind?” He asked.
“No.” She said again.
“Well I think we would be great together.” He said as he slowly snuck his arm around her waist. He started walking down an alley where no one was, guiding Kallie along with him. Christopher was inches from her face. She was backing up away from him but, ended up against the building.
“What do you think you’re doing?” Kallie said with anger in her voice.
“Oh come on Kallie...” He began to say as he ran his fingers down her cheek.
“You’re what every man wants, I’m what every women wants...two people like us should be together.” He finished, then tried to lean in and kiss her. Kallie was furious at this point. She smacked him right in the face, then made a quick escape away from him. She ran out of the alley and back into the square. Christopher angrily chasing after her. Kallie knew Christopher wouldn’t try to touch her again around all these people. She turned around to face him and shouted,
“Don’t say two people like us! You have never tried to learn anything about me! All you have ever done is thought about yourself!” People around them starting looking. Christopher tried to make it seem like nothing was happening. He began to say,
“Does it really matter...” Kallie interrupted him.
“Yes! It does matter. You can’t just come up to me, make inappropriate gestures, and say that we should get married. You hardly know me.” Christopher looked embarrassed. He said nothing to her and just looked at her very angry and confused. Christopher had never been rejected before and wasn’t sure how to handle it. Kallie continued walking. Christopher stayed where he was as his group of friends came up to him.
“Things didn’t go too well?” One of them asked. Christopher shook his head no still in shock about what had just happened.
“Don’t worry, no man as ever been able to get her.” Another said.
“Oh I’m not worried....I’m going to marry her whether she likes it or not.” Christopher said as he began coming up with a plan.
Kallie had done everything she needed to do in town and left as fast as she could, hoping not to run into Christopher again. She got back home and spent most of the afternoon in the back working in the garden. Late afternoon had arrived and Kallie was just about to finish up. Then her aunt called her to come inside, her voice sounding unusually happy. Kallie wiped her hands off on her apron wondering what this was about and ran inside.
Kallie opened the back door and walked into the kitchen. Her aunt and uncle were standing in the kitchen along with......Christopher. Kallie wanted so badly to just turn around and walk back outside.
“ know Christopher right?” Her aunt asked smiling. Kallie nodded her head yes and glanced at Christopher who had a huge smile on his face.
“Well...” Kallie’s uncle began to say.
“Christopher has offered us a very large amount of money in exchange for...” Kallie hoped she wasn’t about to hear the words she knew were coming.
“You’re hand in marriage.” Her uncle finished.
“And did you accept it?” Kallie asked, even though she knew they most likely said yes.
“Kallie we cannot pass up this opportunity.” Her aunt said looking at Kallie like she was an idiot.
“I can’t believe how greedy you both are. You want me to marry some jerk just so you can get money in exchange for it?” Kallie looked at her aunt and uncle feeling more angry than ever.
“We get to choose who you marry. Your opinion does not matter.” Her uncle said.
“Well it should! It’s my life, I should be able to choose who I marry!” Kallie fought back the tears that were filling in her eyes.
“Well that’s just too bad, because you are going to marry him whether you love him or hate him.” Her aunt said very snotty. Christopher was enjoying every minute of the this argument and it just made Kallie hate him even more. She pushed past the three of them to get into the hallway and went to walk up the steps. Christopher followed behind her and grabbed her arm to stop her from going up the steps. Kallie turned to look at him. He leaned in very close to her.
“That’ll teach you to make me look pathetic in front of half the town.” Christopher whispered in an angry tone to her. Kallie looked at him disgusted. He let go of her arm and she continued up the steps.
“Thank you for accepting my offer sir.” Christopher said to Kallie’s uncle.
“I plan on us getting married as soon as possible.” He continued to say loud enough so that Kallie would hear. Kallie slammed her bedroom door shut, Christopher left.
Kallie threw herself down onto her bed. She began crying and couldn’t stop. She did not want to marry Christopher. She hated him so much. Kallie never felt actual hatred for anyone until now. She hoped that this was all just a horrible dream, and that she would wake up and none of this would be happening.
Kallie sat up in her room and cried for the rest of the afternoon. It was soon supper time and Kallie’s aunt was knocking on her door.
“Kallie...Supper time.” Her aunt said trying to sound happy, but Kallie knew she was still angry.
Kallie debated on if she should come out of room or not. But, she was hopeful that she could change her aunt and uncle’s minds. Kallie went downstairs and sat down at the table to eat. No one said a word. Well that’s how it always was. But all three of them had so much to say but, they were all too angry to speak. Once every one had finished eating Kallie couldn’t help but blurt out,
“I will not marry him!”
“Yes you will.” Her uncle said avoiding making eye contact with her.
“No!” Kallie pleaded.
“Your parents left you to us. We get to decide who you will marry and we have chosen Christopher.” Her aunt explained in an angry tone.
“Admit it, you only want me to marry him for the money! You don’t care if I’m happy or not! All that matters to you is money!” Kallie shouted as her voice was cracking from trying not to cry.
“You will marry him whether you like it or not!” Her uncle shouted. Kallie slammed her hands down on the table, stormed back up to her room, and did not come out for the rest of the night.
Night time had fallen and Kallie was finding it impossible to fall asleep. She didn’t know what to do. There was absolutely no way that she would ever marry that man. She had to get out of there. She had to leave. She started to come up with a plan. She wanted to start over, in a new village. She wanted to be surround by people who cared about her, and wanted to get to know the real her.
So this was what she decided to do. Her village, which was in Pennsylvania, was on the east end of the largest forest in the state. There was another village on the west end of the forest that was supposed to be much larger than her village, filled with all sorts of new people. There was also a much smaller village at the south end of the forest, along with an Indian Reservation. The north side of the forest led all the way to Lake Erie. Kallie wanted to get to the village on the west side. She figured it was the best place for her to go. She thought about how she would get there. She knew that walking through the forest would be much faster than going around but she also knew that it would be very difficult trying to find her way out of there. She decided that it would be best to stay on the road and walk all the way around. She thought that it should probably take one day to get to the south village and she could stay there over night, and then hopefully get to the west village by the end of the the next day.
And that’s what Kallie decided on. She grabbed her bag and packed what she could. She then slowly and quietly opened her bedroom door. She snuck down the steps, into the kitchen, and grabbed some food. She quickly walked out the back door, made her way around to the front of the house, and began walking down the dirt road.
It was still dark but she knew the sun would be rising soon. Her body was covered with goosebumps from the chilly air. She saw the nighttime animals began to disappear as the sky grew lighter. The thought of her aunt and uncle’s reaction to her missing never crossed her mind. She didn’t care, because she knew that they would be more upset about missing out on all that money, than they would be about her disappearing.
She was close to the edge of town when the sun began to rise. She could see the dew on the grass as the morning sun warmed her cold body. It had been very silent until now. Kallie could hear horses coming around the bend in the road. She recognized the voices and laughter of the men that would be turning the corner any second, and would see her trying to leave, and then they would just drag her back home. The road ran along side a wide opened feild and the forest was on the other side of it. Kallie had no other choice but to run into the forest. She sprinted in a straight line off the road, through the feild, and into the forest without being seen.
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