racing against time to save the world...
There’s No Time
Setting The Time For DoomsDay
Roval cackled loudly. He had just finished his DoomsDay clock. He would arrive at Jalmaia on July 4th, 2017, otherwise known as Independence Day, at 4:59, to strike the Ora Crystal Orb to make the whole world fall under his control.
“Falia!” Roval shouted.
His servant was late.
If Roval fired Falia, he would have to look for the 99th sevant. Roval was now reaching his 100th birthday, tomorrow. Roval had accidently mistaken an immortality potion when he was a year old. The only way to weaken him was to make such a powerful sleeping potion that he would go to sleep for a milennia.
“Falia!” Roval shouted again. He was getting impatient. Making up his mind, he went to go consult Falia’s fate with his wife.
Roval went into Zaola’s room to find a happy sight. Well, happy for him.
Zaola was holding a knife. By the look of Falia’s body, Zaola had stabbed Falia in the back.
Roval was opening his mouth to congraulate Zaola when Zaola grabbed a sleeping potion.
“You’ve evil, you’re horrible.” She hissed in his ear. “ You’ve stolen these people from their families. Little do you know that I put a spell to make this girl get reincarnated after a 989 years. Little do you know that I’m cpable of doing magi at all.”
Roval was standing there, dumbstruck. Unfortunately for him, he was leaving his mouth hanging open. Fortunately for Zaola, she was close enough to pour the contents of the sleeping potion inside.
Roval fell asleep, entering his downfall for a milennia.
Until he awoke, the whole world was safe.
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