When The Path Is Not Light
‘’Matilda!’’ Mama cried behind me. ‘’Matilda hold on!’’ she cried waving a piece of bread in the air.
‘’Here, kleine tochter’’ she cooed handing it to me. ‘’I am not little!’’ I giggled tucking the soft bread into my pocket. She pinched my cheeks and brought me to her.
‘’I know, but you are my daughter!’’ she smiled at me. I smoothed down my nice skirt that Mama had sewed for me and clicked my boots together. I was off to school again.
‘’Oh Matilda!’’ a happy voice said from behind me. ‘’Greta!’’ I waved at her shyly. ‘’Your hair is growing so long’’ she giggled patting my long wavy brown hair. ‘’It is not as pretty as yours’’ I pointed to her blond pig tails.
She beamed. ‘’Anyway, did you hear the radio?’’ she asked kicking the ground. I shook my head. ‘’Nein, Papa is trying to fix it’’ I told her watching some boys tumble out of a house.
‘’Oh well’’ she lowered her voice and whispered into my ear. ‘’Adolf Hitler won the election.’’ I frowned at her and kicked a pebble. ‘’Who is that?’’ I whispered back. I had never heard that name before.
Greta giggled. ‘’Adolf Hitler is the chancellor of Germany’’ she said in a loud voice. I didn’t tell Greta I still didn’t understand. What did that mean? ‘’Are you excited for the new teacher?’’ I decided to change the subject. ‘’Nein, but I am excited to see him’’ she wiggled her eyebrows.
‘’Alfreck!’’ I sighed imagining his pretty brown eyes and short haircut. ‘’He is defintley niedlich’’ she crowed loudly. I agreed. He was defintley very very cute. ‘’My mama said that I am not allowed to see boys until I am one hundred’’ I nudged her. Greta grabbed my hand and pulled me into the schoolhouse.
‘’I guess we have that in common’’ she smiled and showed off her pretty white teeth. ‘’We have lots in common’’I shrugged off my coat. ‘’Well..not everything’’ she said putting a finger on her chin.
‘’For one you are a Jew and I am not’’ she pointed out smoothing down her hair. I swallowed. Mama and Papa said to be proud to be Jewish. ‘’We are still friends no matter what’’ I held out my hand. She took it and shook it. ‘’Of course’’ she said in a little robotic voice.
At that moment, I didn’t know that our friendship would be changed forever.

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